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These Sets Are Not Only Fun To Build, But Are An Aesthetic Art Piece For Your Home, Room, Or Office.

If you are looking to choose a LEGO® set that has an adult-feel, is crafted elegantly, and is molded with pure design in mind, you have come to the right place. While right-off-the-bat I can tell you the LEGO® botanical collection and LEGO® Icons sets are some of the most “aesthetic” out there, here are another top 4 that easily take the cake:

LEGO® Icons Tranquil Garden 10315

This absolutely stunning cherry blossom tree plus an accurate Japanese-Minka home make a blissful and quiet scene that can sit on your desk or be placed in your living room. This meditative set was built for the AFOL (adult fan of LEGO®) and is fun build around roughly 2 hours. It is the perfect size for your shelf and would make a great piece to add to your feng-shui. The foliage that springs out of the set is customizable and can be rearranged to suit your design needs!

LEGO Art Hokusai: The Great Wave 31208

For my favorite Japanese-themed LEGO® set we have “The Great Wave” from 31208. This marvelous LEGO®-brick painting is an homage to The Great Wave off Kanagawa which is a woodblock print by a ukiyo-e artist, Hokusai. The original print was made in 1831 during the Edo period of Japan. It is roughly 19 inches long and 15 inches wide, and due to the LEGO® has a depth of about 4 inches. It would be amazing to stare at above a couch or dinner table! With 1,831 pieces if will definitely take a few hours to construct, but it is a masterful building experience.

LEGO Harry Potter Expecto Patronum 76414

This set stands proudly at 11.5 inches high, 8.5 inches long, and 4 inches wide. These aesthetic LEGO® sets are some of my favorites because you can choose your path: either you build Harry Potter’s patronus, the stag, or Remus Lupin’s patronus, the wolf. Either one you pick is a stunning blue, aqua color that can sit magnificently in your office, room, or home as a LEGO® collector or Harry Potter fan. The patronus is a an ethereal and misty embodiment of the caster’s soul which protects them from the soul-sucking powers of dementors. Depending on the strength of the spell, the patronus can grow quite large as a ward against dark magic. This patronus will be cast and built by you!

My Final Favorite Aesthetic Set: LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet 21334

This lovely set embodies the music that originated from the soul of people of color. These four musicians are poised in an exciting concert and stand as a monument to the Harlem Renaissance. I love this set because it is a token to beauty, aesthetics, musics, art, history, creativity, and most importantly, it is an ode to color. We have a piano player, drummer, bassest, and trumpet front-man leading the show – with 1,606 pieces this is a medium-long build that will be a great addition to a music aficionado.

Ready To Add To Your Feng Shui With An Aesthetic LEGO® Set?

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