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This Menacing Uruk-Hai Was Built To Bring Down The World Of Men

Another expensive LEGO® LOTR minifigure to join the iconic team of a bricked-up Middle Earth – The LEGO® Uruk-Hai Berserker:

Settling in at approximately $22.00 USD on Amazon for prime members, this snarling fig is the same one that decided to make a Marshawn Lynch dive underneath the Helms Deep wall to blow it sky-high. This was subsequently followed by Gimli giving a bunch of Uruk-Hai the people’s elbow, ensuring Aragorn could escape. Meanwhile, Legolas commits the greatest scene in action-movie history by rescuing the two companions by using a shield as a surf board.

All of this came to fruition by the Uruk-Hai Berserker.

What Was The Purpose Of The Uruk-Hai Berserker?

At first glance, this 6′ 6″ beast has no clothing. He dawns the white paint from Isengard, and is usually seen with a steel helmet and a 5-foot long double-edged two-hander. The Berserker orc had one purpose: to die creating a divide in the ranks to allow more troops through. Its helmet was usually filled with blood, which would induce a bloodlust rage in the Berserker. In its short lifespan on the battlefield, it would dive into groups of men and elves, demoralize troops, and swing its blade in large, circular motions. It was frightening to watch on the big screen. Legolas shoots two massive arrows into the upper chest of this beast downwards, crippling its upper respiratory system. It still flings itself under the wall with no problem.

While not cheap, it would make a fine addition to your collection! LEGO® Lord of The Rings Orcs do not come cheaply anymore. They are also a smidge difficult to find. If you are willing to buy them off Amazon, you can make an awesome MOC.