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Which LEGO® Set should You Invest In?

With the release of the Disney+ “Ahsoka” series poised to be the newest visual Star Wars franchise to take the streaming platform by storm, LEGO® is ready to capture the audience with the release of new sets like the T-6 Jedi shuttle 75362.

But which LEGO® Ahsoka set should be at the top of your wishlist? Is there one (or two) that stands colorfully above the rest?

My guide below will cover some of my favorite LEGO® Ahsoka minifigs and sets that you should buy for fun, or buy for a strategic hold (and a strong LEGO® investment).

Let’s Switch On Our Hyperdrive Off With Some New And Old Ahsoka Sets:

LEGO® Star Wars: Ahsoka Tano with Dual Lightsabers (Dark Blue Jumpsuit)

This minifigure is exceptional – no need to take up the entire page! It will most likely not be replicated again because Ahsoka Tano in the show will be utilizing her signature grey sabers and sport a slightly different print. I would highly recommend getting a few of these Ahsoka Tano minifigures off Amazon, and hold onto the for the long haul!

LEGO® Star Wars: The Clone Wars Duel on Mandalore 75310

This set is simple, effective, and does so much with so little. While it is retired, you can still find sellers off Amazon where you can snag 75310. This set includes two highly detailed minifgs: LEGO® Darth Maul with robotic printed legs and his classic dual-bladded red saber, and Ahsoka Tano as an adult with her signature LEGO® hair piece and dual-weilding blue lightsabers. Call-outs here are the Mandalorin vault that you can store a LEGO® minifigure within, and Maul’s throne that has a secret compartment with a blaster inside. I highly recommend this set either for a long-hold investment or an incredible display piece.

LEGO® BrickHeadz Star Wars Ahsoka Tano 40539

Another simple set, but due to this (most likely) never making a concrete re-release or comeback, this BrickHeadz themed Ahsoka LEGO® set is a great buy and long-hold. It has retired, so it does not come cheap. However, like the rest of my blog, LEGO® BrickHeadz Star Wars Ahsoka Tano 40539 is an Amazon link but the platform does not have it in stock! If you want to find the set and sell it on the platform, be my guest. It is a BrickHeadz piece of older Ahsoka holding her signature dual lightsabers. It is a quick build with only 164 pieces!