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LEGO® modular buildings are highly detailed and intricate sets that are part of a series of interconnected buildings that can be arranged in a variety of ways to create a mini LEGO® city. Here are some of the best LEGO® modular buildings and sets:

LEGO® Assembly Square 10255

Discover the charm of LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square 10255, a detailed and vibrant set featuring a lively community hub. This model includes multiple shops, a dentist’s office, a dance studio, and a quaint sidewalk café area. Its modular design offers flexible display options and easy transport. Rich in detail, the set boasts intricate windows and doors, enhancing its architectural appeal. It includes eight minifigures representing various city characters, along with a baby figure. With over 4002 pieces, the set measures over 13 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches deep, making it an impressive display. It’s compatible with all LEGO construction sets, offering endless possibilities for creative building.

LEGO® Corner Garage 10264

Explore the LEGO® Creator Expert Corner Garage 10264, a captivating build that transports you back to the 1950s with its unique 3-level design. This intricate set includes a classic gas station, a convenient kiosk, and a detailed vehicle workshop on the ground floor. The middle level houses an animal clinic, while the upper level features a cozy apartment complete with a kitchen and bathroom. The charm extends to the rooftop terrace, fully furnished for a realistic touch. The set is populated with six LEGO minifigures: a gas station owner, mechanic, vet, woman, man, and a girl, alongside adorable animal figures including a bunny, parrot, dog, frog, and fish. Standing over 12 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 9 inches deep, and complemented by a tow truck measuring over 2 inches high, 5 inches long, and 1 inch wide, this 2569-piece set offers a substantial and immersive building experience.

LEGO® Bookshop 10270

Create your own captivating city with the LEGO® Creator Expert Bookshop 10270, a sophisticated modular building set that offers a delightful building experience for teenagers and adults alike. This extensive 3-story set is packed with charming details, featuring a quaint bookshop with a display window and bookshelves, alongside an adjoining townhouse complete with a cozy reading nook and living spaces. The set comes alive with five minifigures, adding a touch of realism to this collector’s item. As part of the Modular Buildings series, this set connects seamlessly with other models to create stunning street scenes, appealing to both builders and collectors. Consisting of 2,504 pieces, it’s an ideal gift for special occasions, offering a rewarding build. The completed model measures over 11 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 9 inches deep, standing out as a remarkable display piece either on its own or as part of a larger street scene in the Modular Buildings series.

LEGO® Downtown Diner 10260

Challenge your model-building prowess with the LEGO® Creator Expert Downtown Diner. This adult-targeted building kit brings to life an American-style diner complete with a classic jukebox, a boxing gym, and a recording studio, brimming with celebrity-themed surprises. The set, comprising 2480 pieces, is perfect for those who enjoy intricate construction and storytelling. It includes six unique minifigures: a chef, waitress, boxer, rock star, band manager, and a bodybuilder, each adding to the lively diner atmosphere. These expert building kits have gained immense popularity among adults, offering a detailed building experience with immense narrative potential. This set not only promises an engaging build but also inspires future projects with its impressive detail. Like all LEGO® Creator Expert construction toys, it’s fully compatible with other LEGO® construction kits, opening doors to limitless creative building. The Downtown Diner, standing over 13 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 9 inches deep, is a striking display piece that captures the essence of a bustling diner scene.

LEGO® Pet Shop 10218

Step into the delightful LEGO® Pet Shop set, a perfect addition to your LEGO® collection. This detailed set features a pet shop and an adjoining townhouse, complete with a variety of characters and pets. The set includes four minifigures: the pet shop owner, a girl on a bicycle, a painter, and a woman, bringing the scene to life. The pet shop is filled with animals like a dog, cat, parrots, and a goldfish, along with accessories such as dog bones and toys. The townhouse offers a realistic touch with a mailbox, couch, telephone, and a cozy upstairs loft with a skylight and bed. This 2,032-piece set, measuring 10 inches wide and 10.5 inches high, can be combined with other modular buildings like the 10197 Fire Brigade and 10211 Grand Emporium for a complete LEGO® city experience. Dive into this engaging build and expand your LEGO® world.

LEGO® Grand Emporium 10211

The LEGO® Creator Grand Emporium 10211 is a captivating addition to the LEGO® modular buildings collection. This set vividly recreates the grandeur of a classic department store, packed with authentic details that bring the emporium to life. It includes seven diverse minifigures, each adding character to the bustling shopping scene. Standing at an impressive 15 inches high and 10 inches wide, this model is both substantial in size and rich in detail, making it a perfect display piece for LEGO® builders and collectors alike.

Find These Awesome LEGO® Modular Sets

These are just a few of the many great LEGO® modular building sets available. While some are expensive and/or retired, each set is designed with incredible attention to detail and can be arranged in countless ways to create a unique LEGO® city. It is worth exploring the internet to find and add them to your collection!