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The Path To The Dark Side Can Be Unnatural And Collectible

With the introduction of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati into the Star Wars universe in the electric LEGO® Star Wars: Ahsoka New Republic E-Wing vs. Shin Hati’s Starfighter 75364 set, one might ask, “where can I snag even more Sith LEGO® minifigures?”

Before I give you a dope drop down chart of the figs available on Amazon, I think a little history is needed here:

What Was The First Sith LEGO® Star Wars Minifigure?

The first LEGO® Sith minifigure was Darth Maul in 7101 Lightsaber Duel. Considering it is the first Sith minfig ever, chances are the iconic Darth Maul was the first Sith minifigure mass produced by LEGO®. Honestly, that black cape and hood was such an iconic fit. Also, I remember loving the detailed face paint for maul when I built that set decades ago. Ray Park showing up in amazing prosthetics for his Dathomirian Sith debut was exceptional.

Who Are The Newest Sith Minifigs To Join LEGO® Star Wars?

It is pretty safe to say that Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati, and Marrok (who is an inquisitor of sorts) are the newest additions to the LEGO® Sith minifig lineup. Baylan Skoll appears to be a former Jedi Knight who defected/disappeared during the Clone Wars and became a mercenary. Shin Hati is his female apprentice who appears to be numb and creepy in an almost robotic way (although she is definitely and blonde, human). And Marrok has had no words in the series yet, but the Sith inquisitor has a full black suit and double-bladed saber. Truth be told, I am really unsure where Baylan and Shin stand – they have the rule of two going, they are definitely not the good-guys, but…their orange-hue sabers imply they are something else entirely.

I mean…Shin Hati has the padawan learner’s ponytail…which is odd.


As promised, here is an amazing click-table of the Sith Minifigures from LEGO® Star Wars you can currently find on Amazon. I have included their listing price just in case!

LEGO® Star Wars Sith Minifigure Amazon Listing Price Amazon Image And Link
LEGO® Star Wars Darth Maul Cyborg with Dual Lightsabers$45.99
LEGO® Star Wars General Grievous Minifigure 2014$59.95
LEGO® Star Wars Minifigure Darth Vader with White Pupils$39.94
LEGO® Star Wars Kylo Ren Minifigure from Set 75104Price Unavailable
LEGO® Asajj Ventress with 2 Red Lightsabers with Special Handle$42.00
LEGO® Star Wars Anakin Skywalker from Mustafar Yellow eyes$64.00
LEGO® Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Minifigure with Red Lightsaber and Open Hood$23.95
LEGO® Star Wars Darth Maul (Printed Legs with Silver Armor)$22.95
LEGO® Star Wars Darth Vader Minifigure with Lightsaber and Extra Black Cape$24.95
LEGO® Star Wars Dark Side Exclusive Minifigure with Lightning Bolts$32.95
LEGO® Star Wars Sith Trooper Minifigure (Red)$20.00
LEGO® Star Wars Sith Trooper Minifigure (2013)$22.97