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These Battle Packs Range In Pricing, But Are Awesome For MOCs And Army Builds

New To the Scene…

Right out in time for Summer 2023, we have LEGO® Star Wars 332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Battle Pack 75359 Sporting an amazing four minifigures with Captain Vaughn, this set is a absolute Baumlinks buy! The orange, Revenge of The Site helmets are a cool touch. It comes with a clone infantry support speeder, blasters, and 2 stud-shooters. Yeah, I already bought five of these…its a great investment. Plus you can add them to your army below for only $19.99 today.

In this guide, I am going to give you the rundown of what each of these incredible LEGO® Star Wars battle packs brings to the table, including what they can be used for, how much you are going to spend, and if it is worthwhile for investing or just plain fun/building/MOC purposes.

LEGO® Star Wars 501st Clone Troopers Battle Pack 75345


  • Currently on the market (lower price point)
  • Great LEGO® investment and resale price
  • Includes 4 minifigures: an Officer, a Clone Specialist plus 2 Heavy Trooper minifigures (with incredible designs, and visor features I might add)
  • A really intricate artillery piece


  • I really see none. It is $17 on Amazon, which is much lower than other Battle Packs. I straight-up have 20 of these (lol)!

This is a certified Baumlinks buy, and you can get this item securely through Amazon via my affiliate link here. This listing is also apart of some of my awesome LEGO® sets under $20.

LEGO® Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack 75320 Set


  • Four Star Wars imperial troopers total, 3 being Snowtroopers and 1 being a Snow-themed Scout
  • A low price point
  • Accessories, laser cannon, speeder bike, an awesome trench, and a laser-machine gun tri-pod
  • Original trilogy nostalgia!
  • Appeals to Hoth MOC builders


  • Snowtroopers are so prevalent throughout LEGO® relaunches, the investment value is a long hold
  • Troopers could easily overlap with other, possibly more cost-effective sets

While still having a few more cons than the set beforehand, LEGO Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack 75320 is a certified Baumlinks buy!

LEGO® Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack 75267

Yeah, I know it is expensive…but just going to be honest. This is 100% a certified Baumlinks buy. I mean, come on, it let’s you build a Mandalorian MOC army!


  • It’s freaking Mandalorians
  • four beautifully crafted and detailed (with an amazing LEGO® print job) of an orange, blue, gray, and green helmed Mando-fig
  • Speeder bike and visor accessories
  • Due the popularity of the Mandalorian show, great investment value for long, and short-hold timed around show release


  • Retired, so price-point to get in now is already 20-30% up
  • With popularity of Mandalorian show, re-releases and figure overlap at a lower price-point in the future is possible

LEGO® Star Wars Sith Troopers Battle Pack 75266


  • Sith troopers in LEGO® minifigure form are not easy to come by these days
  • Definitely an interesting set with a niche audience (First Order Sith)
  • Four minifigures total: 1 First Order Officer, 2 Sith Jet Troopers, 1 Sith Trooper
  • Carrier/speeder bike and functioning blasters


  • The First Order in the sequel trilogy does have a following, but no one likes the First Order as much as other imperial minifigures (harsh truth)
  • Resale value is limited to a very niche audience – those who got these battle packs, got them
  • High price point now due to the set being retired

Due to my tastes, I cannot make this a certified Baumlinks buy – sorry folks! I have the generic listing here for review. However, you can still get LEGO Star Wars Sith Troopers Battle Pack 75266 securely through the link provided.

LEGO® Star Wars: The Last Jedi First Order Specialists Battle Pack 75197


  • This is a long term hold, but has some of the most unique First Order weapons throughout all First Order LEGO® sets
  • The Last Jedi set includes a First Order Gunner, First Order Shuttle Pilot and 2 First Order Stormtrooper Executioner minifigures
  • Three separate kinds of minifigures and the Executioner minifigs are incredibly unique!


  • Retired an price point to get in is quite high
  • First Order LEGO® does not carry the same pull as other LEGO® Star Wars Battle Pack themes

This is one of my First Order certified Baumlinks buy battle packs! While an unpopular sub-theme and hefty price, the First Order Executioner minifigures are outstanding (and the weapons are too cool)! You can get this still overpriced LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi First Order Specialists Battle Pack 75197 securely here.

LEGO® Star Wars Imperial Patrol Battle Pack 75207

Have to be honest here, this one isn’t going to get my seal of approval…


  • It is a battle pack
  • Contains some really cool figure from the Han Solo standalone movie!
  • Three distinct kinds of troopers
  • Really easy to store and a quick and simple build!


  • The movie was a flop and so were the characters and toys that followed
  • It has been retired for awhile and sits at $31 (high price point) but doesn’t increase in value
  • High price point
  • Unsure what kind of MOC this would really go into?

Not my cup of tea. However, you can still see and get the LEGO® Star Wars Imperial Patrol Battle Pack 75207 securely here!

LEGO® Star Wars Clone Trooper Command Station 40558

Prequel triology neurotic fanbase? Check. Awesome Clone Troopers? Yup. Around the survivors perimeter create? You bet, Yoda!


  • Absolutely stellar for short and long hold
  • Phase 1 Appearance Clone Troopers are a massive hit with a large niche fanbase
  • Three distinct LEGO® Clone Troopers
  • 1 Clone Commander and 2 Clone Troopers
  • Awesome, intricate Battle For Geonosis heavy blasters and authenticity


  • Price point rises…practically by the week
  • Only three troopers compared to most sets four (smidge of a small bamboozle)

This is a 100% certified buy. It is so expensive now, but honestly buy them fast and hold onto them. They will have enteral value due to the prequels, the appearance, and their propensity for MOC builds. You can get LEGO® Star Wars Clone Trooper Command Station 40558 securely here!

LEGO® Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack 7655

If you are a diehard fan, sure. But for $144 off of Amazon, I cannot give this my seal of approval folks.


  • This are one-of-a-kind Revenge of The Sith Clone Troopers (Phase 3) that are not going to be re-released…probably ever
  • ROTS LEGO® Clone Minifigures
  • Three unique minifigs: Clone Captain (red), Clone Commander (yellow), 2 Clone Troopers (white)


  • This price point is too high
  • The price has peaked, so if you are buying it, you are building it
  • I am not sure how much you should buy and what profit you should expect, to be quite honest

While it is a wicked cool battle pack from a very much loved Star Wars LEGO® sub-theme, I cannot get behind the resale value or even the build value at such a high price point. However, you can still securely purchase LEGO® Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack 7655 here!

LEGO® Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack 7913


  • 2 Orange Clone Bomb Troopers, 1 Unique Green-tinge Clone Commander Trooper, 1 ARF Clone Trooper
  • Great for seasoned MOC enthusiasts
  • Phase 1 LEGO® Clone Troopers are always in style and always a long hold, a very long hold
  • Really awesome Clone Commander speeder bike and well-crafted blasters


  • $99 is super expensive
  • You will need to hold this for a long time as a LEGO® investment, and most likely part it out for sales
  • Resale value might be difficult to make a profit off of current listing price

This is super expensive at $99 off of Amazon…but heck yeah, these are Phase 1 Style LEGO® Clone Troopers – by default and bias this is getting a certified Baumlinks buy! You can get LEGO® Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack 7913 securely off of Amazon here.

LEGO® Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Trooper Battle Pack

This one is expensive…but awesome.


  • The 501st Legion is arguably one of the most iconic aspects of the original triology
  • Getting in now, means a resale value for sure. It has doubled in price, but I think it could hit $100 per set 5-10 years from now
  • The blue iconic features of the LEGO® 501st Clone Troopers is so cool
  • The AT-RT Walker and Speeder are massive bonuses
  • 4 501st Clone Trooper and 2 Battle Droid minifigures (6 total is really cool)


  • Retired product and the price is already rising quite a bit
  • Need to buy like…ASAP
  • Long hold at current price point for investment purposes

With the price being doubled, this is still a certified Baumlinks buy. I mean its LEGO® 501st Clone Troopers – enough said! You can buy LEGO® Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Trooper Battle Pack securely here off Amazon.

Final Thoughts On LEGO® Star Wars Battle Packs

With so many coming out, it is hard to keep track. These assortment were some of the top sets on Amazon for “LEGO® Star Wars Battle Packs” when you search on the e-commerce giant’s platform. Personally, I love battle packs. You can never have too many when they come out. For parting thoughts, get hip to the craze and buy at least 10-20 of the next battle pack from LEGO® when it drops!