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Here’s Why LEGO® Is The Future Of Investing

Why Should You Buy Big LEGO® Sets For Investing?

You wake up. You roll over. Somewhere in your house, your cat mutters, “another day another dollar.” Are you losing your mind? No, it’s just another Monday.

What if I told you there was a way out that was a way in, no matter how much you gained, or lost? That’s the secret sauce of LEGO® investing, and LEGO® investing in big sets. You can’t lose because you have nothing left to lose.

Back in 2007, you remember right where you were. For me, I was 12 years old. I remember the eve of the crash. For my birthday, I got the UCS Millenium Falcon 10179 for my birthday. It was $499.99 back then. Now, it is lore and antiquity within the LEGO® investing universe and is worth a staggering $5,000 – easy. The market crashed. This set did not. Like an actual spaceship, if you were insane enough to take out a $50,000 loan from JPMorgan Chase, spend it all on UCS Millenium Falcons, you would be on the Moon with $450,000 today in UCS LEGO® Milleniaum Falcons. Who would be insane enough to spend that much on LEGO® sets, let alone big LEGO® sets?

I would be insane enough. LEGO® appreciates faster than inflation could even hope to even if we just literally never stopped printing money.

I’ll Tell You I’m In

When you say big LEGO® sets, you think UCS sets, because by nature, those are the biggest sets you can get (99% of the time). How much do they run you? Anywhere from $199.00 – $899, maybe more. But what is the ROI?

Let’s Take A Look At The Return On Investment Of Some Of The Well Known UCS Sets

UCS Millenium Falcon 10179 – Released 2007 at $499.99 – worth $5,000 with a 900% return

UCS Y-Wing Starfighter 75181 – Released 2018 at $199.00 – worth $442.10 with a 122.16% return

UCS Sandcrawler 75079 – Released 2014 at $299.99 – worth 491.63 with a 63.88% return

“Yeah, but these are all Star Wars UCS sets”

Icons Are The UCS Of Other Themes With The Same Growth Trajectory

And yes, these are big sets too:

LEGO® Icons Mini Cooper MK VII 10242 – Released in 2014 at $99.99 – worth $212.69 with a 112.7% return

LEGO® Icons Parisian Restaurant 10243 – Released in 2014 at $159.99 – worth $333.43 with a 108.4% return

I mean, I could list 20 other sets’ data and bore you to death…But, let’s be real, you get it.

Big LEGO® Sets Are Worth The Buy

Buy big LEGO® sets. Act bullish. Hold with diamond hands. Wait 10 years. Double your LEGO® investment.