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Zombies Rise From Amazon To Your Minifigure Collection

Zombie LEGO® minifigures: where the blocky world of LEGO® collides with the whimsically undead! Produced by the LEGO® Group, these adorable little brain-munchers have made appearances in sets like “Monster Fighters” and the “Minifigures” series. Boasting their signature greenish hue and fashionably tattered attire, these zombies shuffle their way into the hearts of both kids and adult collectors. A spooky yet delightful addition to any LEGO® lineup!

LEGO® Series 14 Minifigure Zombie Businessman

The LEGO® Series 14 Minifigure Zombie Businessman is a quirky testament to LEGO’s imaginative flair. Decked out in a blueprint-hued suit that’s seen better days, this undead professional clings to remnants of his past life, notably his trusty suitcase and a now-outdated newspaper. Perhaps he’s searching for the latest stock market update or an obituary that reads a bit too familiar? The Zombie Businessman masterfully blends the comedic with the macabre, illustrating the hustle and bustle of corporate life in a fun, undead twist. It’s a delightful minifigure that offers both a chuckle and a shudder.

LEGO® Series 14 Minifigure Zombie Pirate Captain

Ahoy to the LEGO® Series 14 Zombie Pirate Captain! This swashbuckling undead marauder sails the brick seas, donning vibrant red pirate attire that’s both tattered and timeless. His wooden plastic peg leg and ghostly gray beard hint at countless seafaring tales, while the iconic skull and crossbones hat crowns his decaying visage. Armed with a gleaming silver hook and cutlass sword, this zombified captain is a haunting blend of dread and delight. He stands as a testament to LEGO’s knack for merging whimsy with the macabre, making the Zombie Pirate Captain a coveted treasure for collectors and pirate enthusiasts alike.

Booster Bricks LEGO® Classic Zombie Minifigure

Check out Booster Bricks Lego Classic Zombie Minifigure! Conjuring Halloween chills and thrills, this spooky specter is all set to join your LEGO® ensemble. Fear not about authenticity — every piece of this zombified delight is 100% genuine LEGO® brand, ensuring impeccable quality and fit. No off-brand imitations here! Gift it to a budding LEGO® enthusiast, treat yourself, or surprise an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®) with this spine-chilling addition. This Zombie Minifigure isn’t just a toy; it’s a ghastly, tiny custom minifig.

LEGO® Zombie Captain America Minifigure From Marvel Series 1

Step into the Marvel Universe with the LEGO® Marvel Series 1 Zombie Captain America Minifigure 71031! Straight from the LEGO® Store, this zombified superhero is a must-have for any LEGO® or Marvel enthusiast. Rest assured of its authenticity, as this Zombie Captain America arrives in a sealed LEGO® mystery pack, certifying its genuine LEGO® craftsmanship. Dive into the intriguing blend of superhero lore and undead twists with a Captain America minifig wearing tattered clothing and a zombie-fied shield.

Rise Up From The Dead With LEGO® Zombie Minifigures

As Halloween creeps around the corner, what better way to set the spooky stage than with LEGO® zombie minifigures? Perfect for eerie dioramas or to jazz up your workspace, these little undead darlings bring a touch of whimsy to the season of scares. So, whether you’re an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) or just seeking some hair-raising fun, these blocky zombies are sure to be the life—or rather, the ‘unlife’—of the party. Grab yours and let the brick-built hauntings begin!