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Dive In With These Awesome LEGO® Submersibles

LEGO® Avatar: The Way of Water Mako Submarine​ 75577

This remarkable set allows you to recreate your favorite scenes from the Avatar: The Way of Water. It comes with a submarine model and 3 coral reef settings along with 4 minifigures. The Mako submarine model offers cool features such as two opening cockpits, movable propellers, and an attachable LEGO® display stand for the Pandoran seabed setting. If you’re an LEGO® Avatar fan, this set allows you to bring the magical world of Pandora right into your living room.

LEGO® NINJAGO Hydro Bounty Building Set, 71756 Submarine

An exciting underwater adventure awaits you with this set. The Hydro Bounty submarine comes with spring-loaded shooters, opening cockpit, and a detachable mech. This set includes 10 LEGO® NINJAGO: Seabound series minifigures, two mini submarines, and a chariot pulled by a giant sea creature, enabling you to create your own gripping stories beneath the sea.

LEGO® City Ocean Exploration Submarine 60264

Indulge in your passion for underwater exploration with this model submarine building kit. It features a toy submarine, an underwater drone, and a coral-covered seabed setting. The set includes four minifigures from LEGO® City TV, including the popular Jessica Sharpe, and two divers with cool accessories. An excellent addition to your collection, allowing you to create your own imaginative underwater adventures.

LEGO® City Ocean Mini-Submarine 60263

This playset is perfect for those seeking creative and independent role-play. It includes a toy exploration submarine with a spinning propeller and posable inspection arms, a seabed setting with a pirate treasure chest, a pilot minifigure, and a hammerhead shark. The submarine’s bubble cockpit leaves plenty of room for the pilot, giving you the feel of a real underwater journey.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 Sunken Treasure Mission 31130

This 3-in-1 building toy promises creative fun with octopus, lobster, and manta ray figures. Choose to build a submarine with either an octopus or a giant lobster, or create a scene with a huge manta ray, a diver, and a coral reef. This set includes two minifigures and a safe with gold bars and gems, offering endless possibilities for your deep-sea adventures.