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While This Seems Odd, There Are Some Options Out There!

With the popularity of sharing economies gaining traction in recent years, different industries have seen this trend permeate their business models. As surprising as it may be to some, this trend has also found its way into the realm of toys, more specifically, the LEGO® community. It is now possible, indeed, to rent LEGO® sets, ushering in a new era of sustainable and accessible play.

What Are The Pros Of Renting LEGO® Sets?

The idea of renting LEGO® sets stems from several pertinent issues. Firstly, LEGO® sets, especially the larger, more intricate ones, can be quite expensive. This price barrier often excludes many individuals, particularly children, from the joy of constructing and playing with these sets. Secondly, once a set is built, it often ends up gathering dust on a shelf, despite the initial enjoyment derived from its construction. Lastly, the plastic-heavy nature of LEGO® toys raises environmental concerns, an issue which the concept of renting addresses by promoting reuse and reducing waste.

Are Any Companies Offering A LEGO Rental Service?

Many companies have seized the opportunity to address these issues by providing a service where customers can rent LEGO® sets. The procedure is simple: customers sign up for a monthly subscription and choose a set they want to build. The set is then shipped to them, and once they are done building and playing with it, they can return it in exchange for another set. The cycle thus repeats, allowing LEGO® enthusiasts to enjoy a wide variety of sets without the usual accompanying costs or concerns about storage space.

How Can Renting LEGO® Sets Help The Environment?

In terms of sustainability, the LEGO® rental service provides an excellent solution to the environmental impact of toy production and disposal. By reusing sets, the need for new production is reduced, and the problem of toy waste is minimized. Moreover, these rental services meticulously clean and sanitize each set between rentals, ensuring safe and hygienic play.

Can Renting LEGO® Provide Greater Accessibility?

Furthermore, these services often provide accessibility to a wide range of LEGO® sets, including retired sets and exclusive editions. This is an exciting proposition for LEGO® enthusiasts, as it enables them to enjoy sets that they may not have otherwise had access to due to limited availability or exorbitant resale prices. The rental model also provides a solution to the issue of storage space, as keeping large LEGO® sets at home can be problematic, especially for those living in smaller spaces.

What Are the Cons Of Renting LEGO® Sets?

However, despite the advantages, there are potential challenges associated with LEGO® set rentals. One of the most apparent is the risk of missing or lost pieces. Many rental services address this by implementing policies where a certain number of lost pieces are acceptable without incurring additional fees. They also often include spare parts with their shipments. Additionally, there is a certain joy and pride in owning and displaying a LEGO® set that is missing in the rental model, something that might be a turn-off for some enthusiasts.

Another point of consideration is the changing perception of LEGO® as an investment. With certain sets appreciating in value over time, the ownership of LEGO® sets is not only about the joy of building and displaying but also about collecting as a form of investment. However, it’s worth noting that for many, the real value of LEGO® lies in the process of building and the joy of play, aspects that are fully realized in the rental model.

Should You Rent® LEGO Sets?

Renting LEGO® sets is indeed a viable and burgeoning trend in the toy industry. It offers an innovative solution to accessibility, sustainability, and space concerns, effectively transforming the way we view and interact with this beloved construction toy. Despite a few potential challenges, it can be said that LEGO® rentals are providing a new pathway to the joy of building and creativity that LEGO® represents. While the rental model may not suit everyone, it definitely provides a viable alternative for many LEGO® enthusiasts worldwide.