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As fans of LEGO® and Star Wars, we’re always excited to see new sets that bring the epic galaxy far, far away into our living rooms. The release of set 75319 LEGO® Star Wars The Mandalorian The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. Today, we’re diving into this fascinating set to explore its unique features and the incredible detail that makes it a must-have for any Star Wars LEGO® enthusiast.

A LEGO® Star Wars Forge Full of Detail

With 258 pieces, The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge is designed for builders aged 8 and up. At first glance, this set may appear relatively small, but it packs an incredible amount of detail and playability into its compact design. The Forge itself features a rotating display stand, allowing builders to showcase their favorite armor and weapons. It also includes an opening entrance, an attachable wall section, and various tools for forging Beskar armor and weapons.

Iconic LEGO® Star Wars Characters

No LEGO Star Wars set would be complete without minifigures, and The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge doesn’t disappoint. Included are three iconic characters from The Mandalorian series: The Mandalorian himself (Din Djarin), The Armorer, and Paz Vizsla. Each minifigure comes with its own unique accessories, like the Mandalorian’s Amban sniper rifle, The Armorer’s hammer and tongs, and Paz Vizsla’s heavy blaster.

Expand Your LEGO® Mandalorian Collection

The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge is the perfect addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection, particularly for fans of The Mandalorian series. When combined with other sets from the show, like the Razor Crest or the AT-ST Raider, builders can recreate epic scenes and invent new stories within the Star Wars universe.