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To put it simply…absolutely.

I remember distinctly leaving my parents house on the East Coast knowing I had to catch a flight westward bound the next day. They gave me a massive, 80lbs box of LEGO® that I somehow had to get on the flight. It was 10PM at night. Not a shipping center in sight. The flight was departing at 6AM.

With a heavy sigh, I placed 60lbs of LEGO® in a dumpster behind a Holiday Inn in Hartford, CT.

The biggest mistake of my life.

Where Am I Now With My LEGO® Hustle?

I am now about two years into buying, selling, and trading LEGO®. If you are looking to find out how much your LEGOs are worth, keep going…

Personally, I break LEGO into three main categories for distribution: Minifigures, Themes, and NIB. What do I mean by these three segments?

Selling LEGO® Minifigures For Massive Profit

Minifigures are unparalleled in terms of the most ROI for used LEGO® pieces. Older, used minifigures are always being sought after, and by a market that is inherently looking for used pieces. Afterall, to even collect the minifigure, most of the time it needs to be out-of-the-box. Also, certain figures are never again – like my main man Jedi Kit Fisto. Minifigs like this only go one way: up. How do you find them? Usually, in your local Facebook Marketplace or eBay listings. Minifigures used go from $5-$10 each all the way up to $100 or more – depends on scarcity!

Themed Sets Of LEGO® That Are No Longer Sold

Without a doubt, one particular brand comes to mind: Bionicle. The awesome, multi-faceted, and tall-standing LEGO® action figures were incredible toys. Still are for adult fans and die-hard collectors. While not minifigures, snagging the epic armor, weapons, and heroes of the Bionicles saga is a safe bet for a worthwhile (and still used) LEGO® investment. How do you find them? Usually, in your local Facebook Marketplace or eBay – same as before! Bionicles used can also carry some high, double digit figures.

NIB Or My Favorite, New-In-Box

This is top-tier LEGO® investing and trading. New in box LEGO® sets are sets you invest in, either long or short holds, or a combo of the two, and you keep them posted away in a closet or storage container to be sold at a later date. Conditions of these boxes are critical and in order to gain the highest potential ROI, they need to be stored safely. In terms of price? A few hundred to a few thousand – diamond hands all the way.

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