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The LEGO® City Minifigure: Combo Package and LEGO® City Great Vehicles Holiday Camper Van are two timeless gifts for Dad

There are plenty of Father’s Day LEGO® sets for the man who raised you, but few sets contain a viable minifig that encapsulates one of your favorite role models. You are looking for a set that portrays the classic Dad: coffee in hand, vacationing, or taking care of the family. Here are two sets with unique minifigs perfect for Father’s Day.

LEGO® City Minifigure: Combo Package 60134

This set comes with the best Father’s Day LEGO® minifigure. The dad minifig comes with a ridiculously red flannel torso, perfectly parted black hair, and the beard that all fathers sport. While this does come with a mom and baby, if you are a wife and had a kid with your husband, this small LEGO® minfig combo package would be excellent for a special occasion.

LEGO® City Great Vehicles Holiday Camper Van 60283

This set is for the outdoorsy dad. While technically it comes with a camper van (which honestly is an awesome touch) the city minfigure is perfect for father’s day. This minifigure has brown hair and a unique fishing torso piece. It also comes with a mom and baby minifigure, and a full kit for an outdoor cookout. This a funny and picture-esque set – a simple build and iconic!