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There Are A Ton Of Sets From One Of Our Favorite Video Games

So, What Exactly are LEGO® Minecraft Sets?

Imagine merging two epic worlds into one ultimate playground. LEGO® Minecraft sets do just that! They’re the magical portal where the iconic bricks meet pixelated adventures, giving you the power to build your own Minecraft realms, characters, and mobs. Say hello to a whole new universe of possibilities, all at your fingertips!

How Many Sets Are There Currently?

According to Bricklink, the iconic video game theme has amassed 108 total sets as of September 2023. This is including promotional polybags. For a niche theme, that is quite a lot of sets! This number is exceeds the number of sets for Super Mario sets (63) and Sonic (5) by a large margin.

If you’re looking to dig into this blocky universe, you’re in luck! Here are some crowd-favorites you might want to consider:

The Deep Dark Battle 21246: Go spelunking in this enigmatic ancient city, but watch out for the Warden! Oh, and did we mention an exploding tower? Kaboom!

The Bee Cottage 21241: Bzzz… Welcome to a charming bee cottage that comes with its own farm. Oh, and beware of the adorable yet ferocious baby zombie!

The Pig House 21188: Who doesn’t love pigs? Build your own piggy residence, complete with a potato farm and the elusive Zombie Pigman. Oink-tastic!

The Creeper™ Mine 21166: Careful where you step! This set boasts a buildable creeper mine, your very own TNT cannon, and of course, the infamous Creeper. Sssss… Boom!

The Crafting Box 3.0 21165: Want to mix things up? This set’s got it all: a crafting table, furnace, chest, and a smorgasbord of Minecraft blocks and critters to keep you busy.

LEGO® Minecraft Sets Galore: Your Choices, Explained!

Ready to jump in but not sure where to start? No worries! Here’s a quick rundown on the types of sets you can dive into:

Starter Sets: Perfect for Minecraft newbies. Expect a compact world with a few characters and essential blocks to get the ball rolling.

Adventure Sets: Tailored for the explorers at heart, these sets offer bigger landscapes like temples, dungeons, and villages. Time to go on an epic quest!

Creator Sets: Unleash your imagination! These sets come packed with an array of blocks and pieces to help you craft your own Minecraft masterpieces.

Micro Sets: On a budget or short on space? These mini wonders let you collect your fave Minecraft characters and mobs without breaking the bank.

What’s the Damage to My Wallet?

Well, fear not! The price range is as diverse as the sets themselves. You can snag a Starter set for roughly $20, while the more intricate Adventure sets might set you back up to $100. Creator and Micro sets usually find a cozy spot somewhere in between.

Where Can I Get My Block-Building Fix?

Great news! LEGO® Minecraft sets are as ubiquitous as Creepers in a cave. Find them at major toy stores, department stores, and of course, various online havens. Happy building!