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In 2011, LEGO said it made roughly 381 million rubber wheels – each year is usually on track for 300 million plastic wheels!

LEGO® wheels are an essential component of LEGO® vehicles, and they come in various sizes and designs to fit different models. These iconic, rubber tires are made of high-quality plastic, and they are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are produced in LEGO® manufacturing plants around the world, which are located in countries such as Denmark, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Does LEGO® Tell People How Many Tires It Makes A Year?

LEGO® does not release specific information about the number of wheels they produce each year. However, given the popularity of the toy and the high demand for their products, it is a good bet that they produce millions of wheels annually. A projection in 2011 stated that LEGO® made 381 million wheels and it is safe to assume that they produce around 300 million plastic tires a year.

Save Those LEGO® Tires!

LEGO® wheels are an integral part of the building experience, and their quality and versatility make them a favorite among LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages. In addition to producing standard brick wheels, the company also offers specialized wheels for different purposes, such as those for remote control vehicles and those for use in robotics projects. LEGO® also regularly releases new designs and updates to their wheel lineup to keep up with changing customer needs and trends in the industry.