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Let’s Run The Numbers And Find Out Just How Lucrative LEGO® Bricks Are…

LEGO® runs about $0.11 (eleven cents) per piece in USD. So, a quick calculation of 90,000 x $0.11 nets you about $9,900.00! However, let us dive a bit deeper into this figure: 90,000 bricks is extremely heavy and is certainly enough to build one of those massive LEGOland statues you see. One colorful brick weighs roughly 2.5 grams, meaning 400 LEGO® bricks is exactly 1 kilogram (or 2.2lbs).

With that in mind, (90,000 / 400) = 225kg or 495lbs – if you were a professional powerlifter, you could deadlift those LEGO® pieces into the back of your truck. With a quarter ton of LEGO® running roughly $9,900 USD that means a ton of LEGO® (2,000lbs) would be close to $40,000.00 USD, which ain’t bad! There are tons of fun LEGO® facts out there for you to discover.

LEGO® Bricks Of Multiple Colors In A Pile

Let’s Mix It Up: What If That 90,000 Lot Of Bricks Had Minifigures

According to some fun and silly calculations online, there is roughly 1 minifigure for every 142 bricks. Dividing 90,000 bricks by 142, we get a lot with roughly 634 minifigures total. Again, these are rough estimates just for fun! Minifigures are a lucrative hustle and minifigures addition to any lot, set, or collection spikes the price. Minifigures can be unique to sets, have custom designs just for that set, or even accessories that are only found in that set. In my post about why LEGO® Lord of The Rings sets are so expensive, we cover exactly that phenomena.

Iron Man, Loki and Hawkeye, LEGO® minifigures

Okay Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

Price of 90,000 bricks with 634 minifigures at an average price:

If a minifigure costs $3.00 USD, then (90,000 x $0.11) + (634 x $3.00) = $11,802.00

Price Of 90,000 bricks with 634 LEGO® Big Figs:

If the average price of a Big Fig LEGO® is around $80 per Big Fig we get the following:
(90,000 x $0.11) + (634 x $80.00) = $60,620.00 which is a down payment on a house!

Price Of 90,000 Bricks With Expensive LOTR LEGO Minifigures:

LEGO® LOTR is incredibly expensive, so let’s have our last bit of fun and run the numbers with this in mind. Let’ say your 90,000 bricks have a lot of 634 Uruk-Hai minifigures, in great condition, at $33.00 – that would be an awesome score!

(90,000 x $0.11) + (634 x $33.00) = $30,822.00 – you could buy a new car!

Last One: How Much Would 90,000 LEGO® Bricks Cost With 634 14K Gold C-3POs Sprinkled In The Lot?

In 2007, LEGO® crafted 5 examples of solid, 14K Gold LEGO® C-3PO minifigures which went for a whopping $300,000 at auction. Let’s see how much you could get with a hypothetical 90,000 brick lot mixture of 634 Gold C-3POs:

(90,000 x $0.11) + (634 x $300,000.00) = $190,209,900.000 – close to $200 million is not a bad find (but also, sadly, impossible)

How Much Are 90,000 LEGO® Pieces And Bricks Really?

To the right collector? Priceless. There would be so much to find and discover in a quarter ton of LEGO®. If you find yourself in the possession of 90,000 LEGO® bricks, do yourself a favor and sort through them. There is no telling what you might find…