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LEGO® Commander Cody Wears The Iconic Orange-Printed Clone Armor

Commander Cody diligently served under General Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars and served as one of the 2nd-highest ranking Clone commanders. He led the 212th Attack Battalion (was the direct leader of 576 clones) and 7th Sky Corp. As a Clone Marshal Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, Kenobi trusted and relied on Cody for his loyalty, grit, and strategy.

How Much Is the LEGO® Minifigure Worth?

On most websites, you can find the LEGO® Commander Cody going for $15.00 to $21.00 USD. However, there are different models of LEGO® Commander Cody with different values depending on if they are a Phase II Clone Trooper or Phase I Clone Trooper:

LEGO® SW1233 Clone Trooper Commander Cody, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2)

LEGO® SW0196 Clone Trooper Commander Cody, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 1)

LEGO® SW0341 Clone Trooper Commander Cody, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 1)

LEGO® SW1233 Clone Trooper Commander Cody (Phase II)

This is the most current, and updated version of LEGO® Commander Cody and comes in the LEGO® AT-TE 75337 which was released on August 1st, 2022. This minifigure is fantastic with an excellent Revenge of the Sith helmet and a bright orange visor. Plus, this minifig has a detailed printing of battle and dirt stains. This is usually the cheapest Commander Cody ranging from the aforementioned price of $15.00-$21.00 USD.

LEGO® SW0196 Clone Trooper Commander Cody (Phase 1)

This LEGO® Commander Cody had one of the first initial releases of the grey pauldron and skirt that Phase I LEGO® Clone Trooper minifigs received. When I was a young fan, I adored this look. This minifig first and only appeared in the Republic Attack Gunship Set 7676 which was released in 2008 (of which a new Coruscant Republic Gunship has been based off of). This Commander Cody SW0196 can be anywhere from $100-120.00 USD new and $20.00-$40.00 USD used.

LEGO® SW0341 Clone Trooper Commander Cody

This print and version of LEGO® Commander Cody appeared in the magnificent Star Wars Geonosian Starfighter 7959. If you were lucky enough to grab this set, you would have the second iteration of the Commander Cody print from 2011. This version does not have the pauldrons or skirt, but the printing is a nostalgic beauty. This minifig used can be anywhere from $17.00-33.00 USD used and $80.00-120.00 USD new.

Orange Clone Commanders With LEGO® Print Are Magnificent

LEGO® Phase I and Phase II Clone Troopers represent the pinnacle of LEGO® Star Wars Clone Army design. Having one of these models in a LEGO® Commander Cody print? Yeah, its worth something. But to the seasoned collector? These are practically priceless.