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Regular LEGO® minifigs are roughly 4cm, while Bigfigs can be upwards of 7cm tall – give or take a few centimeters!

LEGO® minifigures have been a staple of the toy industry for over 40 years, captivating generations of consumers. These small, posable figures stand at a height of 4cm or 1.6 inches, making them the perfect size for building and playing with LEGO® sets of all kinds.

Despite their standard size, there are some exceptional LEGO® minifigures that stand out due to their larger-than-(toy)life height. These figures are often part of specialized LEGO® sets or themes, adding an extra element of excitement and intrigue for collectors and fans.

The LEGO® Ninjago Legacy MiniFigure – Lord Garmadon

The LEGO® Ninjago Legacy MiniFigure – Lord Garmadon stands at an impressive 2 inches or 5.08cm tall, due to the addition of two LEGO® torsos stacked on top of each-other. This towering figure is based on the popular Ninjago TV series and features intricate detailing and accessories, including a dragon helmet and four arms (courtesy of the double torso). Lord Garmadon’s unique height makes him a standout character in the Ninjago world, and a sought-after item for collectors and fans of the series!

LEGO® Rancor Bigfig From Set 75005

This menacing, brown Rancor from The Return of the Jedi is approximately 11cm or 4.3 inches tall and comes in the 75005 Rancor Pit. This figure is part of the Star Wars LEGO theme and is based on the iconic creature from the movies. The Rancor Bigfig features movable arms and jaws, as well as a posable tail, making it a dynamic and interactive addition to any Star Wars LEGO® set. Also, be for-warned, if you are looking to collect this bigfig in used or new condition, it will carry a heft price tag.

The LEGO® Hulk Bigfig

This big, green LEGO® minifigure stands out due to its unique height. At 7cm or 2.8 inches tall, this figure is larger than the standard LEGO® minifigure, reflecting the Hulk’s massive size and strength in the Marvel Universe. The figure features a detailed green body and a menacing expression, adding a touch of excitement to any Marvel-themed LEGO® set. There are many variations of The Hulk bigfig naming a few:

  • The original LEGO® Hulk Bigfig was released in 2012 as part of the Avengers theme. It features a green body, ripped purple pants, and printed muscles. This version of the Hulk comes with a small build of a laboratory pod and appears in the set 6868 Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout.
  • The LEGO® Hulk Bigfig appeared in the 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron sets. This version has a more detailed design than the previous one, with a muscular torso and arms, and a newly molded headpiece. The Hulk comes with a buildable HYDRA fortress and appears in the set 76041 The Hydra Fortress Smash.
  • The 2016 LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes set 76078 Hulk vs. Red Hulk features a new version of the Hulk Bigfig. This time, the figure is larger than the previous ones, with a more detailed and bulky design. The set also includes Red Hulk, a smaller Hulk figure, and a buildable vehicle.
  • In 2017, a LEGO® Hulk Bigfig was included in the set 76088 Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash. This version features a new head mold and an updated torso and arm design. The set also includes Thor, Loki, and a buildable arena.
  • The latest version of the LEGO Hulk Bigfig was released in 2019 as part of the Avengers: Endgame sets. This version has a new head mold, updated muscular design, and is taller than previous versions. It appears in the set 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue along with a buildable helicopter and figures of Black Widow and Rescue.

While the standard LEGO® minifigure stands at a height of 4cm, there are many exceptional figures that break the mold and add an extra element of excitement to LEGO® sets of all kinds. From LEGO® Lord Garmadon, to the LEGO® Rancor Bigfig, to the Hulk, these incredibly detailed figures demonstrate the endless creativity and innovation of the LEGO® brand.