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The LEGO® Icons Eiffel Tower Stands Just Shy Of 5 Feet At 58 Inches!

LEGO® is a popular brand that is known for its construction toys, which allow individuals to create a variety of structures using small interlocking plastic bricks. The LEGO® Group has a vast range of products, including themed sets such as buildings, vehicles, and characters from various popular franchises.

This Brick Build Towers Over Everything

The LEGO® Group unveiled a new Eiffel Tower set in November of 2022, which is their tallest building set ever. The set has 10,001 pieces and stands at an impressive 58 inches (147 cm) tall, just shy of 5 feet. The set is incredibly detailed and accurately represents the intricate ironwork of the actual Eiffel Tower. The completed model weighs around 18 pounds (8.2 kg) and is a challenging build that is recommended for advanced builders.

The LEGO® Group’s Icons Eiffel Tower 10307 Is A Feat Of Toy Mastery

The LEGO® Group’s Eiffel Tower set is a testament to the company’s commitment to creating intricate and realistic building sets that appeal to individuals of all ages. Whether you are a fan of architecture or simply enjoy the challenge of building intricate structures, the LEGO® Icons Eiffel Tower 10307 and the new, larger Eiffel Tower set are sure to provide hours of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment upon completion.

A Nice Architecture Substitute

While it is incredible hard to find and buy the 10307 set, you can buy the much cheaper, equally as-cool LEGO® Architecture Paris Skyline for $49.99 as an awesome substitute. It features multiple buildings from Paris, France and significantly scaled-down Eiffel Tower. It makes for an awesome decorative piece!