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A Step-By-Step Guide For A MOC That Can Rival NYC

Building a LEGO® city can be an immensely rewarding project that combines creativity, architecture, and storytelling. Whether you’re an adult fan of LEGO® (AFOL), a parent looking for an interactive project, or a young builder aiming to create a sprawling metropolis, this guide will walk you through the process of crafting your very own LEGO® city from scratch.

Phase 1: Planning And Becoming A LEGO® Civil Engineer

Define The Scope And Budget

Before you start buying sets or digging through your old collection, establish the scope and budget for your LEGO® city. Determine the amount of space available—do you have an entire room, or just a corner? What are the dimensions and scale of what you are building? The size will guide your budget and vice versa. Make sure to include the costs of tables, shelving, lighting, and accessories in your budget.

Let’s run through some quick math as well:

If the average LEGO® city set is roughly $30.00 and takes up about 49 square inches and you have 4 square feet to build you get the follow:

[4 sq ft×144 sq in/sq ft=576 sq in] / 49 sq in x $30.00 = $352.65

This is a larger budget for a larger build, but should give you an idea!

Plan The Layout For Your LEGO® City

Once the scope is set, start planning your city’s layout. Use graph paper or city-planning software to draft an initial design. Mark locations for roads, residential zones, commercial districts, parks, and other features you want to include. Make sure to leave enough space for future expansions!

Phase 2: Collecting Supplies

Choose The Baseplates

LEGO® baseplates come in various sizes and colors, serving as the foundation for your city. Green baseplates are excellent for residential and park areas, while grey or black baseplates suit industrial and urban zones. For a true LEGO® city, you are going to be looking for grey baseplates:

Select Your LEGO® City Sets

Depending on your theme—modern, futuristic, rural, etc.—choose LEGO® sets that align with your vision. For a modern city, consider buildings like the LEGO® Creator Expert Modular Buildings or LEGO® Creator sets, which are designed for seamless integration. Don’t forget vehicles, trees, and minifigures to populate your city!

Accessories And Customization

Invest in smaller LEGO® bricks for custom structures and intricate details. Items like lampposts, traffic lights, flowers, and benches add life to your city. You may also want to buy third-party LED lights to make your cityscape glow.

Phase 3: Building Your LEGO® Metropolis

Begin With Infrastructure

Lay down your baseplates according to your layout plan. Begin by constructing the roadways using LEGO® road plates or bricks. Roads act as a guide for your buildings and other structures.

Construct The Right Buildings For Your City

Once your roads are laid down, construct your main buildings such as skyscrapers, police stations, or shopping malls. These key structures serve as landmarks around which smaller elements can be arranged. Your city will need a police station, fire station, bank, town hall, court house, power plant, move theater, homes, apartments, parks – like real life LEGO® tycoon city!

Populate Your City

It’s time to add life to your LEGO® city! Place minifigures, vehicles, and street accessories like trees, traffic lights, and benches. Make scenes that depict everyday life—kids playing in the park, a street market, or even a concert!

Phase 4: Details and Expansion

Add The Finishing Touches

Your city won’t feel complete without those final touches. Think about adding a waterfront with a marina, a railway system, or even an airport. This is where smaller LEGO® bricks can be used to add more intricate details—like a pond in a park or street signs.

This Guide Will Make Your Brick City Shine

Building a LEGO® city is a journey that can be as simple or as intricate as you make it. Through careful planning, the right choice of LEGO® sets, and a sprinkle of imagination, you can create a bustling metropolis that stands as a testament to your creativity and skills as a builder. Remember, the only limit is your imagination! Happy city building!