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Here’s How To Build The Iconic Buzz Droid From LEGO® Droid Tri-Fighter 8086

In the Star Wars universe, buzz droids are specialized sabotage droids designed for disabling or destroying enemy spacecraft. Introduced to audiences in “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith,” these droids are deployed from Separatist missiles during space battles and are an integral part of the droid army. Once they attach themselves to the hull of an enemy ship, they proceed to dismantle it, targeting vital systems to incapacitate the vessel.

Pieces You Will Need For The Buzz Droid Off Amazon

A Treasure Hunt Told Through LEGO® Sets

1 LEGO® Circular Saw In Gray

First grab yourself a gray circular blade saw
item No: 30194
. Here is the LEGO® City Arctic Explorer Truck and Mobile Lab 60378 which has one of the minifigures in the bottom left holding the buzz saw. This set is $75.00 so I do not suggest grabbing it off Amazon!

2 Astromech Heads For The 2×2 Dome Piece

Next, get yourself a gray-colored 2×2 dome from an astromech droid. Yes, an astromech. Buying the original printed Buzz Droid piece from the Droid Tri-fighter is expensive as well – get two astromechs LEGO Star Wars Minifigure R2-Q2 Astromech Droid from X-Wing Starfighter 75218

1 Pair Of Legs From IG-88 Minifig

Also, grab a pair of gray droid legs from the IG-88 From The LEGO® The Mandalorian sets. These legs are a perfect substitute! I mean yeah he is $11.36…but who said a fun solo moc would be cheap?

2 Dark Bluish Gray Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with 1 Stud without Groove

The LEGO® Surfer Rescue 6011 will have the modified plate 1 x 2 with 1 Stud without Groove. Again, these sets are $28 a pop – it ain’t cheap to do this through Amazon.

LEGO® Modified 1 x 1 with U Clip Thick (Vertical Grip)

The modified plate 1 x 1 with U Clip Thick (Vertical Grip) can actually be purchased through Amazon for $15.99 which is still way too expensive!

1 Light Bluish Gray Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Bar Handle on Side

This set includes 100 dark grey 1×2 building plates, each featuring a side bar handle. Compatible with Lego pieces, these plates are perfect for enhancing your building experience. The part number for this item is 2540.

1 Light Bluish Gray Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #5 – 112.5 degrees

This item is a Technic connector angled at 112.5 degrees, ideal for creating intricate structures with precise angles. It serves as both an axle and pin connector, enhancing your building capabilities. The part number for this component is 32015, and it also goes by the alternate item number 41488. It comes from this massive $48.00 set off Amazon.

1 Red Technic, Axle 2L Notched

You will need bright red Technic axles, each with a length of 2 units. These genuine LEGO components are available for $13.99 for 200 pieces off Amazon. Use them to expand your Technic creations and bring your frankenstein Buzz Droid to life.

2 Trans-Neon Orange Plate, Round 1 x 1

You will need piece #4073, 1×1 Round Plate with Stud for $2.95 off Amazon to make the Buzz Droids eyes!

Now How Do I Build It?

Once you have conjured up the pieces…you can use the building instructions on the LEGO® website! Now, go destroy Anakin’s ship.