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This Process Is Easy: Use The Materials Below And A LEGO® Set For A Template.

Building a custom mech using MyBuild Mecha Frames and LEGO® sets can be a fun and creative experience for all the AFOLs and. Let’s get started on designing a hybrid mech using some simple Amazon products below:

Steps to Build Your Custom Mech:

Start With The LEGO®-Compatible Frame

Begin with the MyBuild Mecha Frame MF5 Mech Frame or MyBuild Mecha Frame 1001 Basic Frame Model as your base. Both of these products provide a sturdy base with articulation, making them ideal for building custom mechs.

Add The Cockpit And The Minifigure

Use the MyBuild cockpit chassis cabin piece to fit a LEGO® minifig. You can choose a minifigure from any theme, as long as it fits what kind of build you like!

Add Armor And Details

From the LEGO® Marvel Iron Man Monger 76190

Use the pieces meant for the Monger’s armor and weaponry to augment your mech. This will give the mech a bulky and formidable look. Consider using the arm and leg pieces to enhance the silhouette and increase the mech’s overall height. Implement decorative and functional pieces, such as boosters, missile launchers, or decorative armor plating.

From the LEGO® Marvel The Hulkbuster 76247:

Use the Hulkbuster’s chunky armor pieces to give the mech a heavily fortified appearance. Especially, the torso and arms can be integrated to give a beefy and armored appearance. Utilize the Hulkbuster’s fists as the mech’s primary hand or as a weapon attachment. Add the detailed components like smaller thrusters, chest arc reactor, and shoulder-mounted weaponry to the mech for added firepower.

Enhance Articulation And Poseability And Take Snag Some Pics

Using the articulation provided by the MyBuild Mecha Frame, ensure that your additional armor pieces don’t hinder movement. You want your mech to be as poseable as possible.

Add Accessories And Weapons

Use weapons and accessory pieces from both the LEGO® sets to equip your mech with unique tools. This can be anything from handheld weapons to mounted guns or missile systems.

Finalize The Look Of Your LEGO® Mech

Once you’re satisfied with the basic structure, fine-tune the look. Use smaller LEGO® pieces to fill any gaps and create a seamless appearance.
Adjust any armor or weapons to your liking. Test the mech’s articulation and balance to make sure it stands properly and can strike various poses.

Display And Play With Your Mech

Showcase your custom mech alongside your other LEGO® and MyBuild LEGO®-compatible creations. Or, use it for imaginative play scenarios involving Iron Man, Hulkbuster, and other Marvel characters.


– Building a custom mech is all about expressing your creativity. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations and designs.

– Remember to maintain the mech’s balance. Adding too much weight on one side might make it hard for the mech to stand.

– Consider looking at images of mechs or robots online for inspiration or design ideas.

– Building custom mechs using a combination of different sets can be incredibly satisfying. Take your time, be creative, and most importantly, have fun with it!