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With This Comprehensive Chart You Can Build Your Own LEGO® Star Wars Droid Army

Do you dream of commanding your very own droid army and leading them into battle?

Well, it’s time to bring your fantasies to life with the magic of LEGO® bricks. In this guide, we’ll explore how to build an impressive LEGO® droid army, complete with battle-ready droids, vehicles, and playsets that can fight your LEGO® clone army. So, whether you’re a novice builder or a seasoned LEGO® master, gear up for an exciting adventure into the galaxy of Star Wars.

Select Your LEGO® Star Wars Droids

First, decide on the types of droids you want in your army. LEGO® offers a wide range of Star Wars droid minifigures, such as the battle droids, super battle droids, and droidekas. Each droid type has its unique design, abilities, and role in the army. Start with the basic troopers – the battle droids. These minifigures are usually available in multiple sets, like the Trade Federation MTT (75058) or the Droid Transport (7662). They often come with blasters and can be posed in various battle stances.

LEGO® Star Wars Droid Amazon Listing Price Amazon Image And Link
LEGO® Clone Wars – Commando Droid Squad$27.95
LEGO® Star Wars: Dwarf Spider Droid – Episode 2$11.99
LEGO® Star Wars: Battle Droid with Blaster Gun (Clone Wars)$7.95
LEGO® Star Wars – Kashyyyk Battle Droid with Blaster$11.95
LEGO® Star Wars Minifigure: Super Battle Droid with Arm Cannon$19.99
LEGO® Star Wars Droideka Destroyer Droid Minifigure (2013) (Ships Unassembled)$16.99
LEGO® Star Wars The Mandalorian – IG-88 Bounty Hunter Droid Minifigure$11.36
LEGO® Star Wars: Commando Droid Minifigure with Blaster$10.61
LEGO® Star Wars Magna Guard Droid Minifigure with Staff from Set 7673 7752$65.99
LEGO® Star Wars Minifigure: Rocket Battle Droid with Jetpack and Blaster$12.99
LEGO® Star Wars Minifigure Assassin Silver$9.00
LEGO® Star Wars Mini Figure (Clone Wars) – Black Elite Assassin Droid$15.47
LEGO® Star Wars: Battle Droid Pilot Minifigure$12.99
LEGO® Star Wars Commando Droid Captain MinifigurePrice Unavailable
LEGO® Droideka Sniper Star Wars Minifigure$29.00
LEGO® Super Battle Droid pack of 3 with cannon – blaster arm Star Wars minifigure$49.95
LEGO® Star Wars Homing Spider Droid 75142$209.99

Elite LEGO® Star Wars Droid Units

Add some heavy firepower with super battle droids and droidekas. These elite units are found in sets like the Battle of Geonosis (75017) or the AAT (75080). They come equipped with powerful weapons and are more resilient than the standard droids.

LEGO® Droid Commanders

Every army needs commanders to lead the troops. LEGO® offers droid commander minifigures, often distinguished by their yellow markings, in sets like the Droid Troop Carrier (75086) or the Droid Battle Pack (7654).

Vehicles and Support Units

To bolster your droid army, incorporate vehicles like the AAT, MTT, or the STAP. You can also add support units like the homing spider droid, hailfire droid, or the corporate alliance tank droid.

Customizatize Your Droid Army

Unleash your creativity and customize your droids with different colors, accessories, or printed designs. You can also modify or upgrade your vehicles to make them more unique and battle-ready.

Assemble Your LEGO Star Wars Droid Army

Arrange your droid units in battle formations, showcasing your commanders, elite units, and vehicles. Create various scenes or dioramas to depict epic Star Wars battles.

Now, what to do next….

How many droids should I have in my army?

The size of your droid army depends on your personal preferences and budget. You can start with a small squad of battle droids and gradually expand your forces by adding more units and vehicles. The larger your army, the more dynamic and impressive your battles will be.

The following sets are excellent for building your droid army:

  • Trade Federation MTT (75058)
  • AAT (75080)
  • Droid Troop Carrier (75086)
  • Battle of Geonosis (75017)
  • Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)
  • Droid Battle Pack (7654)

Each set includes a mix of droid minifigures and vehicles, providing variety and firepower to your army.

Can I customize my droids?

Absolutely! Customization is a fun way to make your droid army unique. You can use different LEGO® parts, accessories, or decals to change your droids’ appearances. For example, you can give your droid commanders different markings or equip your droids with unique weapons.

What are some creative ideas for displaying my droid army?

  • Create a massive battle diorama with different terrain, structures, and obstacles.
  • Recreate iconic Star Wars battles like the Battle of Naboo or the Battle of Geonosis.
  • Design a droid factory or a droid control ship interior.
  • Build a separatist headquarters with droid commanders planning their next attack.

Get creative and immerse yourself in the Star Wars galaxy!

Building a LEGO® droid army is a rewarding and exciting journey that combines your love for Star Wars and the joy of building with LEGO® bricks. So, gather your droids, unleash your creativity, and immerse yourself in the galaxy far, far away!