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It Is Not Cheap To Do, But Might Be Worth it!

LEGO® foil packs, at this point, are relatively a European-exclusive product. They are routinely attached to magazines from the Blue Ocean publisher in Germany. Also, you can look for LEGO® foil packs attached to the front of the UK and Europe Star Wars Magazine issues – but what if you are in the states? If you are in North America, unfortunately, your only options are third-party platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, BrickLink, and Amazon. You could try a third-party magazine delivery service, but that might be a bit more expensive as well.

What Are LEGO® Foil Packs?

LEGO® foil packs are small, plastic baggies (usually with stellar imagery and designs) that usually contain a small handful of LEGO® pieces, or a LEGO® minifigure, or both! These foil packs are exclusives, and are usually not sold in bulk (unless, they are related the the CMF: Collectible Minifigures line of LEGO®), and/or attached to the front of a LEGO® book or magazine subscription.

Are They A Good Investment?

As with all things LEGO® investing, this question has a nuanced answer and it can really depend. Overall, I find foil packs to be a good investment for a few reasons: You get them with something else for your money, which could be a collectible (magazine or book), and the foil packs are small, easy to store, and easy to ship. You can load an entire drawer full of these foil packs and forget about them to be resold on a later date. Plus, the foil keeps them in great condition. I would recommend them for LEGO® investing if you are able to get them for a low price point. If you want them just to collect and build, spend as much as you like!

LEGO® Stores And Conventions

There is always a possibility that a LEGO® store is running a promotion for the holidays, and will hand you a foil pack entering or exiting the store – or, even with an in-store purchase. Plus, going to the LEGO® store around the holidays is a great time! Lastly, you can Google “buy LEGO® foil packs” and if my article does not come up, many will that will safely take you down the purchasing path of getting some coveted LEGO® foil packs. Cheers!