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LEGO® reselling and posting requires knowledge of e-commerce SEO

What Is SEO And How Do I Use It For Helping My LEGO® Blog And Reselling?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For LEGO® resellers, this means optimizing your LEGO® listings on any platform to be found by a search engine AI, or crawlbot(s). If you make your listing more alluring via SEO and content generation…well, you are in luck. Perhaps, this will make your listing rank higher so you can share your LEGO® thoughts and ideas with the internet!

How Do I Use SEO Pillars To Help My LEGO® rank?

The Pillars For LEGO SEO Are As Follows:

  1. Keywords
  2. Content
  3. CRO
  4. Images (And Alternative Text)
  5. Entity Salience (cross-posting)

What Are LEGO® Keywords?

Think like a LEGO® consumer. What would they type into a search bar to find your page, post, or reselling listing? Perform research on that topic. Are people buying or looking for that set you have invested in and you have been trying to sell? What does that listing look like on other sites? Do your due diligence for LEGO® investing, posting, and reselling.

How Does Content Help My LEGO® Rank Higher And How Do I Get Found?

Content is king. LEGO® listings and reselling are no exception. I would aim for a minimum of 200-300 words for any reselling and market you are trying to be more visible within. Ensure that you use the keyword research from the first pillar to sprinkle into your content semantically – or as we would say, “naturally.” There is a formula for this brick-building keyword density, but a master builder never shares their secrets…

CRO And LEGO®: Brick Fun For Conversion Rate Optimization

Something every LEGO® consumer has in common is there love for the use of color and format. Drive the user towards a conversion action. What do I want them to learn from this LEGO® blog post? If I want them to buy my set I am reselling, how will my page direct them there? Make your page as simple as possible to follow. Ensure that your page is in a hierarchical format: delineate <h1s>, <h2s>, and <h3s> and disperse interlinking (links to other pages, i.e., like my LEGO® blog) to assist in a clear structure.

Use colors, spacing, and formatting to draw the user’s eye and get them to follow a specific word or action you would like them to perform within the information. I.e., check out my blog post on why LEGO® lord of the rings sets are so expensive!

Use Clear, Distinguishing LEGO® Images And Ensure To Not Violate Copyright Laws

If you are posting or reselling LEGO®, it is critical you are using images you have gotten permission to use. Either you have an affiliate relationship, direct permission to utilize the images, have taken the images yourself, make the necessary call-outs to state you are not affiliated or endorse by LEGO®, and never use images from someone else’s website. Use of images on a page from an image library like istock is fine, as long as your are not selling anything on that specific page.

Also, make sure to put alternative text for your images when you upload them to the site! Alternative text ensures individuals with vision impairment are able to listen to the elements and images you have worked so hard to post on your website!

Entity Salience: Build Your LEGO® Presence Across The Web

If you are a LEGO® reseller, hopefully you have an eBay account, e-commerce website, or a small business you are reselling through. If you are a blog, same deal: create listings across the web of your virtual storefront. This means create social media accounts, a blog, an e-commerce profile, and a Google My Business account – then cross post, and link to all of them! This builds a web of trust for crawlbots to traverse for your LEGO® investing, collecting, and reselling desires!

The Most Important LEGO® SEO Note…

We are all here because of our love for creation, imagination, community, color, and creation. It is important that we all continue to foster a helpful, neighborly, and engaging LEGO® community for all the bricks fans out there who want to share their love for LEGO® and colorful bricks.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns: [email protected]