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Storing LEGO® Boxes Safely Is Critical For Resale Value And LEGO® Investing

LEGO® is one of the most popular and well-loved toys in the world, with millions of consumers playing with these iconic building bricks every day. However, as any serious LEGO® collector or enthusiast will tell you, the key to maintaining the quality and value of your LEGO® sets for resale value is proper storage.

LEGO® boxes represent a critical aspect of a LEGO® sets resale value; keeping them in perfect condition is a must to ensure they retain their highest value. LEGO® boxes are not just cardboard containers – they are part of the experience of owning and collecting LEGO® sets. They contain valuable information about the set, including the name, number, and piece count, as well as colorful images. If you’re wondering how to safely store LEGO® boxes, there are several options to consider:

Store them in another, similar size cardboard box

A simplest way to store LEGO® boxes is to keep them in another cardboard box of similar size. This will protect the boxes from dust and dirt and keep them organized and easy to find when you want to reference them later.

Bubble wrap your LEGO® Box A Few Times

If you want extra protection for your LEGO® boxes, you can wrap them in bubble wrap before storing them in a box. This will help prevent any damage from bumps, knocks, or falls, and keep the boxes in pristine condition.

Neatly Stacked But Be Wary Of Weight On Bottom Box

Another option is to stack the boxes neatly on top of each other. This can work well if you have limited storage space, as it allows you to store a large number of boxes in a small area. Just be sure to stack them carefully to avoid any damage or crushing.

A combination of LEGO® Storage Methods

Of course, you can also combine these methods to create your own custom storage solution. For example, you might wrap your most valuable LEGO® boxes in bubble wrap and store them in a larger cardboard box, while stacking your less valuable sets on a shelf.

After I Open My LEGO® Box Should I Keep the Opened Box?

Short answer: Yes! Why not? After all, the internet makes it possible that there is now a market for everything. I would recommend holding onto opened boxes, and try not to compress them, damage, or flatten them in anyway. This way, you can repackage old sets, or sell the boxes separately as a LEGO® side hustle. Trust me, they do sell!