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Each Week Baumlinks Will Add A New LEGO® Investing Top Pick With The Carfax To Back it up!

LEGO® Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack 75320 is simple, cost-effective, and carries four troopers with awesome minifig-accuracy…but read on as to why this is my weekly pick!

Why Is LEGO Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack 75320 A good investment?

What Do We Need To Do To Decide?

Let’s go with two angles:

The Theory and The Math

The Theory

Star Wars: Episode V – the Empire Strikes Back begins an amazing flurry of Rebellion v. Empire action with the Battle of Hoth. Even if you have not seen the movie, everyone knows the snowspeeder scene of the cables around the AT-AT, and my god is that an awesome shot! But what about for LEGO® enthusiasts? Let’s say you are a kid right now, and your Dad is Gen X or a Millennial, and he shows you the dated, but beautiful, Star Wars episodes IV, V, and VI. All of the sudden, you are implanted with the timeless shots of the George Lucas films like the rest of us.

Now, Let’s push ourselves ten years down the line. You are an adult, with fond memories of Star Wars with your father, you want to build a Hoth MOC. To build that Battle of Hoth MOC you are going to need a trooper battle pack. The have one for the Rebellion – set 75320 is for the Empire. It has four troopers, tons of blasters, and trench setups for the battle. It is perfect to rebuild memories and create an awesome MOC. Simple as that.

The Math

Right now, the set is sitting on Amazon at $18.99 which is not cheap. However, for $200, you can get roughly 10 sets. This also means you have amassed 40 snowtroopers. This 13-year-old Snowtrooper set 8084 battle pack has grown by 150% in the past 13 years. That is with the release of this pack! It has the same feel, similar build type, similar piece count, and four troopers.

The Profit:

Let’s say you hold 10 sets for of the LEGO Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack 75320 for 10 years. You take each set, and double the price at a safe-bet growth of 90-100%. You have turned your $200 to $400. That does not sound like much right? Hold on. The growth of an index fund is 10% per year. After 10 years, that is also 100% (if you are adding the average performance of say, the S&P 500 each year).

By investing in these sets, you are on track to perform as well as an index fund. And who knows, you could get the 150% or 200% growth other battle packs have seen after a decade.

It is small, profitable in a long hold situation, and a certified Baumlinks buy!