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For the singular fact that this minifigure is exclusive and has incredible articulation.

I still hold this hot take to this day: Marvel LEGO® minifigures are the best, and even better than LEGO® Star Wars minifigures. It is simply because Marvel minifigs offer an entirely new dimension of builds and figures. I find that Marvel figs have the most number of pieces per figure – just like the Iron Man LEGO® minifigure from Avengers Infinity War. Great examples also include Doc Ock from Spiderman, as well as Carnage and Venom. It is not cheap at $39.99, but I love the level of detail in the jetpack.

The Secret Sauce: LEGO® Piece 36452

This piece is a well-known backplate with four shafts for appendages and additional connections. By nature, it allows four more spots to expand your LEGO® minifigure and can easily take a one-dimensional fig and give it tentacles (Venom), mechanical arms (Doc Ock), a super suit (Iron Man), jetpack (Batman), wings (Vulture).

Should You Buy This Iron Man Minifigure?

Honestly, I wouldn’t. I do like it a lot. But for LEGO® investing? Absolutely not. However, for the seasoned collector? Go for it! As to what to do about LEGO® piece 36452, it can be found everywhere online. Or, you can buy a bunch of LEGO Venom minifigures and get LEGO® piece 36452 that way.