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Here Are The Top, Eclectic Picks From Amazon For Labor Day

LEGO® City Farmers Market Van 60345

Welcome to the LEGO® City Farmers Market Van 60345, your one-stop mobile grocery paradise! This set is a delightful ode to farm-to-table living, designed to spark endless hours of imaginative play.

Drive straight into an adventure with three minifigures, including a LEGO® City TV character, and don’t forget the cheeky little rabbit that’s hopping around the veggie patch! The van itself is an architectural marvel, featuring a serving window for those quick veggie sales, side and rear doors that swing open, and a cozy minifigure cab for the farmer to steer through LEGO® City.

Measuring over 4 in. high, 10 in. long, and 6.5 in. wide, this is not just a toy, but a sprawling world of foodie fun waiting to happen. Dig in!

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LEGO® City Vet Van Rescue 60382

For animal lovers, the LEGO® City Vet Van Rescue 60382 is the perfect set to launch a lifetime of imaginative play and care for our four-legged friends. The set features an intricately designed animal ambulance, complete with a removable stretcher for pet emergencies and a driver’s cabin spacious enough for two veterinary minifigures. A dog and a cat figure are also included, bringing the world of pet-care to life.

With a starter brick element, children can easily dive into building, setting the stage for hours of pet-care adventures. The set is well-stocked with accessories like a feeding bottle, toy syringe, dog bowl, and bone, allowing kids to role-play as they help poorly pets onto the stretcher, feed them, and administer medicine.

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LEGO® City Hospital Building Set 60330

Step into a world of medical marvels with the LEGO® City Hospital Building Set 60330. Designed for everyone, this two-story, multi-room hospital is your command center for rescue and care. With an ambulance, tow truck, and even a rescue helicopter, this set offers multiple ways to save the day. The ambulance isn’t just for show—it’s designed to accommodate the included stretcher, while the hospital’s MRI scanner adds another layer of realism, letting minifigure patients slide in and out.

Accessories abound in this set—think medical casts, syringes, and wheelchairs—making imaginative play even more engaging. Featuring a star-studded cast of 12 minifigures, including LEGO® City TV characters like Dr. Flieber and Citrus the Clown, there’s no shortage of personalities to populate your hospital adventures.

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LEGO® Technic Monster Jam Monster Mutt Dalmatian 42150

Unleash the beast with the LEGO® Technic Monster Jam Monster Mutt Dalmatian 42150. This 2-in-1 pull-back action set captures the adrenaline and flair of the fan-favorite Monster Jam truck, complete with a fierce pup design, vibrant colors, and authentic sticker details. Rev up for high-speed races or replicate epic stunts and jumps straight from the Monster Jam arenas.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. When it’s time to switch gears, this Monster Mutt Dalmatian truck can be transformed into a model Racing Truck, doubling the entertainment value. Perfect for summer activities or as an introduction to the world of engineering and mechanics, this LEGO® Technic set is a high-octane blend of learning and excitement. Ideal for LEGO® and Monster Jam enthusiasts alike, it’s a must-have for any off-roader.

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LEGO® Disney and Pixar ‘Up’ House 43217

Embark on a high-flying adventure straight from the silver screen with the LEGO® Disney and Pixar ‘Up’ House 43217. This set is a dream come true for movie buffs and young explorers alike, offering a 598-piece partial house adorned with iconic balloons, functional rooms, and a plethora of accessories that inspire endless play. Including much-loved characters like Carl Fredricksen and Russell as minifigures, along with a Dug the dog LEGO® figure, this set captures the magic and adventure of the beloved film.

It is also a collector’s item in celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary. The intuitive LEGO® Builder app enhances the building experience, offering zoom and rotate features for a 3D view. Not just a captivating build, this set promotes open-ended creative play, nurturing important life skills through imagination. Ideal for adult Disney enthusiasts as well, this set makes an impressive gift that soars beyond the ordinary.

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