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A beautiful Land Rover with a safari-esque build and all-terrain feel from the LEGO® Technic Series

This highly engaging and rewarding technic build is a scaled-down, replica of the Land Rover Defender. It comes in a chic, dark green color and it’s laden with awesome features and functionality for the experienced builder!

What Car Is LEGO® Land Rover Class Defender Set 42110 Modeled After?

This is a model of the 2019 car that details the actual models level of chic design and streamlined, modern exterior. For a car collector, LEGO® enthusiast, family member, or friend, this LEGO® set makes a perfect addition to someone’s desk or room. In fact, it might even make an awesome gift for your dad.

What Are The Minute, Scaled-Down Features Of The LEGO® Land Rover?

This was developed side-by-side with the Land Rover design team. It has a 4-speed gearbox, functioning steering column, AWD, and an amazingly designed V6 engine. The interior has a dashboard that emulates the real thing! Heck, it even has forward folding seats!

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At an impressive 2,573 piece LEGO® set, this LEGO® Land Rover Defender supplies the perfect building experience for a minimum of 3 hours. It as an awesome gift for a special occasion!