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The Pirate Monkey Is Trending…What Do We Know About The Silly Minifigure?

For starters, the yellow-handed and yellow-footed brown Monkey was primarily apart of the LEGO® pirates theme. This iconic, but tumultuous LEGO® theme began in 1989, released sets until 1996, then came back in 2002, rereleased some sets in 2009, and culminated with a few new sets releases in 2015.
When did the LEGO® 2550c01 first get released?

The first of its kind was released in LEGO® set 6235 alongside a pirate minifigure on a small island.

Why is LEGO® 2250c01 Such A Cool Minifigure?

I mean, come on, it’s an adorable monkey! Plus, its pretty silly looking and I feel as if a collection of these would be hysterical for a Wizard of Oz MOC. You can still snag your off of Amazon!