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With LEGO® Jurassic Park: An Unofficial Retelling Releasing On Peacock, This Set Is Going To See A Surge In Purchases.

Probably one of the scariest science fiction scenes in a contemporary film (rivaling the Xenomorphs second tongue extension) is the flipping of the Jurassic Park Ford Explorer with the T. rex shaking the ground with every step. If you got to see this movie in theaters the Summer of 1993, you can easily recreate it in brick form with this incredible set. LEGO® 76956 masterfully builds a screen-capture of a scene that once (and still) sends shivers down your spine.

This set has you construct that rainy, dirt road, the shattered electric fence, the large, menacing T. rex, and the flipped Ford Explorers. You also get four, well-printed LEGO® minifigures: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tim Murphy and Lex Murphy. Did I mention the goat chain is able to be constructed? Big yikes. Big awesome.

To Build, Or Not To Build?

For only $99.99 on Amazon now, this set is a little too easy to buy. It’s concerning how many I might have…As a collector, you need to buy this set. It is a shot into the past of one of Steven Spielberg’s masterpieces. The overlap between Jurassic Park fans and LEGO® collectors is considerable. Which brings me to my second point: For LEGO® investing, this set has four unique minifigures, an iconic box, and an even better build. It is a must-have and a certified Baumlinks buy! If you like my review, you can buy the LEGO® 76956 Jurassic Park T. Rex Breakout here. This is an Amazon purchase you are not going to regret. You will most likely buy many and break your bank account like the T. rex breaks through the electric fence. Heck yeah.