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Why Is Everyone Obsessed With These Monkey Minifigs?

LEGO® piece 96642 refers to the small, LEGO® Monkey accessory that appears in two Collectible Minifigure baggies. These two “sets” you would receive for this Monkey are the CMF LEGO® Series 7 Jungle Boy Minifigure and the CMF LEGO® Series 5 Zookeeper.

Let’s Do A Quick Roundup Of All The Ways You Can Score LEGO® 96642:

LEGO® CMF Series 7 Jungle Boy Minifigure

This shirtless minifigure sports a silver knife and the sought-after LEGO® 96642 Monkey. This has a very george-of-the-jungle feel and the monkey and knife fit easily in the minifigures rippling hands. Did I meantion this guy is more yolked than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

LEGO® CMF Series 5 Zookeeper Minifigure

This zookeeper minifigure comes equipped with a bright-yellow banana and, you guessed it, LEGO® 96642, which is the black monkey ultra-minifig accessory. Well kept and a stylish hair piece, this Zookeeper keeps her day packed with a LEGO® part taking the internet by storm.

Other Sets And Buyables Where Color Variations Of LEGO® 96642 Appear

This outrageous minifig of the small monkey comes in many of the LEGO® friends theme. Finding it is easy. Budgeting for it might not be. Continue to monkey around and head back to my blog once you are doing buying LEGO® piece 96642