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LEGO® is called a timeless toy due to its tethering abilities to the past

When I lived back on the East Coast, my Dad was a hardcore corporate worker. He came from a poor family, where work defined your existence. Work was the only thing a father could do to take his family out of a given situation.

My dad hated working. He still hates working. But, he was programmed to set that example for me. So, he worked hard.

He Never Forgot The Value Of Play

We used to ride the subway down to his office on the weekends. It was cheaper, fun, and laid back for a morning commute. He was routinely the only employee in his office on the weekends. He did not feel good about it. However, he was compelled to have every dollar available to ensure the safety and protection of his wife and kids – I am unsure he will ever know how thankful for him I am.

We stopped at the local Toys “R” Us every weekend because he went to the office every weekend. He never wanted to leave me by myself or alone. He did his best.

He would let me pick out any LEGO® set I wanted…within reason. When we got to his office, he would sit in his chair and I would sit in the LEGO® universe on the nearby carpet. This way, as I meticulously placed the colorful bricks on top of one another, I would be silently focused as he worked behind the computer.

We sat close to each other. We were two men focused on building something better.

I was enamored with LEGO®. It could make any situation better. It does the same thing to me today. It’s why I still build.

My Favorite Build From The Past

A weekend morning in 2005 brought us to the massive Toys “R” Us, and I had eagerly picked out the LEGO® Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter Set 8088. I had a hard time passing the set to the cashier. After-all, what kid could let go of the Starfighter that protected Anakin and Obi-wan as they descended upon General Grievous’ ship in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of The Sith? With foldable wings and the LEGO® engineering design reminiscent of the X-Wing, it was an incredible set (still is).

Worth The Build And Still Have Multiple LEGO® ARC-170s Today

As a young man, it took me probably 4 hours to build that set. I remember clearly when I came into my father’s office with the completed Starfighter. He removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes, “did you build that?” I shook my head up and down eagerly. I was grinning from ear to ear. He had that smile of a loved one taken by surprise, and he was genuinely astonished at the marvel of his child’s LEGO® build.

As an adult and reseller of LEGO® (not to mention, an Amazon Affiliate marketer), I have a stash of five of these that I will most likely never part with…ever. We live thousands of miles away from each other due to work, but this Star Wars build keeps me connected. Whenever I feel a strong pull, I might open another ARC-170 and build it. These builds are moments that remind us of the journeys all of us have taken over the decades, through thick-and-thin, with a box of LEGO® by our side. For all adult fans of LEGO®, we know the power of these bricks is subatomic and four-dimensional. LEGO® transcends time and space.

What Will Bring You Back?

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