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These LEGO® build challenges present hours of fun with the family

I know almost every household in the world has LEGO® bricks a-plenty. These are a list of four awesome games you can play with LEGO® using the everyday bricks you find at home. These are just suggestions. It is encouraged you mix-up the fun, add your own rules and games, and have a colorful time.

Pictionary With LEGO® For A Brick-Filled Twist

This idea is super simple: play pictionary, and instead of drawing something, use the hourglass timer to build your partner’s guess-word with LEGO® bricks. I have found this one to be super hysterical. It presents a unique challenge because sometimes you have the immediate piece for the word, sometimes you have to spell it using bricks, and sometimes you are able to build it. A bonus here, to make this hard: you can’t use the piece that is the word. So if you get a horse, you cannot use a horse minifigure, you have to use bricks to build one!

The Tallest LEGO® Tower Challenge

This one is really fun because at first, everyone thinks this is easy. When you start to get higher, and higher, with your build, things can become precarious. Using this idea on a 8 x 8 peg LEGO® plate, or even smaller, you can infinitely increase the difficulty of this game for the age group playing. You can also limit the type of bricks able to be used for the tower build. Your towers can become wobbly, hilarious, and a really fun past-time with LEGO®; with or without a timer.

Try Recreating Your Favorite Board Game With LEGO® Bricks

Using LEGO® bricks you can recreate your favorite trivia game, make your own trivia cards, or even make the colorful landscape of Candy Land. Also, if you are up for it, you can build your favorite LEGO® chess set, like the one here, and then play chess with LEGO® bricks for real! This LEGO® chess set is really well detailed, a medium difficulty build, and then can be utilized as an actual board, or a display piece – or even both.

The LEGO® Bridge Builder Or Weight Supporter Game

Pick a weight. 100 pennies, nickles, quarters, or get wild with a lightweight dumbbell or doorstopper. You have to build a structure that can support the weight. You can limit the amount of bricks used, the brick colors allowed to be used, and the time limit for the structure. Whoever has the strongest structure at the end wins!

What Should Be The Reward For Winning A Family Night LEGO® Challenge?

A small LEGO® set should be the reward for the winner. A small one, of course! Nothing too crazy, but a small trophy for the win. In fact, this small LEGO® City Race Car set comes with an awesome, scaled-down, gold trophy!