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There Are Three LOTR LEGO® Dimensions Sets Available On Amazon

The LEGO® Dimensions theme was an action-adventure, LEGO® minifigure collectible, and video game crossover. While completely discontinued, the LEGO® dimensions sets are highly collectible as the unique minifigs can fetch a steep resale price on third party platforms!

LEGO® LOTR Dimensions 71220: Gimli

All things considered, to get Gimli and an awesome Moria mining cart on Amazon for $17.00 is kind of a big deal. With a total of 56 pieces, you get to stand these two small, collectible, and awesome creations on top of two blue, LEGO® dimensions pads. Considering they come NIB (new in box), I would recommend getting this set! It is also how you can get a LEGO® LOTR minifig Gimli (brand new) for a low price.

LEGO® LOTR Dimensions 71218: Gollum

Another prime example of a LEGO® Lord of The Rings dimension set offering a unique fig (with a small fish in hand) for a low price is LOTR LEGO® Dimensions 71218: Gollum. With 39 pieces, you can build a scaled-down Shelob, and receive a Gollum minifigure holding a gray-silver fish accessory. Again, for only $23.00 for NIB condition, this is a bargain!

LEGO® LOTR Dimensions 71219: Legolas

This is certainly the most expensive of the three for $25.00 on Amazon. However, it is the character that drives up the price. You receive a NIB Legolas with his bow and Fellowship LEGO® printing, and you get to build a scaled down arrow launcher. For 36 pieces, these two creations (one Legolas minifigure and one arrow launcher) sit nicely and elegantly on their dimensions blue-circular, standing plates.

Why Are LEGO® Lord Of The Rings Dimension sets a good purchase?

These small, new-in-box, sets allow you to get some of the most coveted LOTR LEGO® minifigures for a relatively low price. Especially, if you do not want to shell out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on an original NIB LOTR LEGO® set. They are still somewhat expensive because they are retired – but for what you get, and what you can build alongside them, it’s still a bargain (and worth the buy)!