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Honestly, one of my favorite LEGO® minifigs…ever.

That bowl haircut is so bad, it is amazing. And even more incredible is the fat-pack of dynamite Doc Ock is strapped with in this iconic minifigure build. LEGO® piece 30554 is what makes this minifigure so incredible – the level of articulation is what makes all Marvel LEGO® figs beat out other themes. Hands down.

What Set Did He Come In?

The 2013 LEGO® Doc Ock Minifigure came in set 76015 Marvel Superheroes Doc Ock Truck Heist. This set by itself now goes from anywhere from $60-$80 NIB (new in box). The value is starkly driven up by the Doc Ock minifigure, as the the Spider-Man fig appears in 14 other sets (it’s not rare at all). This is a marvelous, mini diorama of a set, with a screenshot into a comic-book-esque scene. It is well worth the price, and the build.

What Makes This 2013 Doc Ock Different?

For starters, the backplate is made from LEGO® piece 48723 (combi hub with sticks) and LEGO® piece 48724 (angle plate with snap), which allows his arms to rotate. To bring it all together, you have the horrific bowl cut haircut, a headpiece with Doc Ock’s legendary shades, and his green/yellow lab coat printing combo. I have two of these minifigures because the Marvel minifig build keeps providing me with templates for other Doc Ock minifigure MOCs. It is expensive, but absolutely a must-have!