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LEGO® unveils an enchanting new theme called DreamZzz, crafted to help children navigate intricate emotions by immersing themselves in the mysterious realm of their dreams, from nightmares to delightful reveries.

A captivating animated series inspired by this theme will grace the LEGO® YouTube channel. The initial ten episodes will premiere on May 15, with the launch of ten sets and the remaining season one episodes unfolding in August 2023. A mesmerizing second season is set for 2024.

What is the enthralling story of this new themed set?

LEGO® DreamZzz whisks a group of middle school students into the enigmatic Dream World, where they unearth their science teacher’s secret allegiance to the Night Bureau. To safeguard the dream realm from the sinister Nightmare King, they must hone their Dream Crafting skills and become adept Dream Crafters.

What Ignited This Bewitching Concept?

LEGO® disclosed two fundamental sparks behind DreamZzz: first, their ambition was “to conjure a brand new homegrown IP (Intellectual Property) anchored in what the LEGO Group is uniquely skilled at: building & storytelling,” and second, “empowering children to conquer nightmares by teaching them to master their dreams.” Starting with the initial vision, they refined numerous ideas until dreams captivated their attention, eventually embarking on a research expedition that resulted in the second revelation.

The enduring triumph and sway of Ninjago evidently influenced the LEGO® approach to conjuring themes like DreamZzz. This new homegrown IP epitomizes Ninjago’s success. Panel speakers repeatedly underscored the importance of not merely replicating Ninjago in a dream setting and distinguishing set designs from Ninjago. Intriguingly, the countdown page for the first ten episodes’ debut showcases Ninjago characters lost in their dreams!

Is there a magical attribute to the sets?

There’s no Vidiyo or Hidden Side-style augmented reality components. However, the theme possesses a distinctive charm: each set features two alternative builds. Unlike 3-in-1 sets, the primary 50%-80% of the build remains constant, providing a ready-to-play model. The remaining components present dual options to finalize the construction. For example, the Nightmare Shark Ship can transform into a soaring ship with billowing sails and jet engines or a colossal vehicle with wheels and deck-mounted gargantuan blasters. LEGO® research unveiled that 3-in-1 sets often remain built only once, as younger builders lose heart when dismantling the entire set. DreamZzz sets invite diverse creations using merely 30% of the pieces.