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Sometimes A MOC Can Be the Simplest Combination Of Two Awesome LEGO® Sets

With Fall right around the corner and Summer coming to an end, beautify your house with another version of a MOC and an aesthetic LEGO® set with a combo of two classic sets into something truly stunning.

So, how does this work? What you are going to do here is build the lower for the LEGO® Easter Bunny Basket and then combine it, in whatever way you deem fit, with the upper six inches of the LEGO® Icons flower Bouquet (or any botanical set). This way you get a simple, elegant, and quaint, plastic-brick flower basket that is full of color and can add an amazing touch to your household decor.

How Do I Keep This LEGO® Flower Bouquet Safe?

Pro-Tip: Use An Acrylic Plastic Case To Keep It Safe From Pets!

After you build something so pretty, it is critical you store your flower basket MOC (My Own Creation) in a plastic display case – like the one show here on Amazon. This ensures that a a mischievous, furry-friend doesn’t nibble at the ends, or decide this LEGO® creation would like better in pieces, and on the ground! Plus, it gives a really nice botanical-garden feel to your LEGO® Flower Basket and makes it seem like it is part of a museum. The case also makes it feel as if it is part of a genuine set.

Is There More That Can Be Done With The LEGO® MOC Flower Basket?

There are a ton of LEGO® creations that can be made using this formula. Honestly, the LEGO® East Bunny Basket combined with any line of the LEGO® botanical collection or succulents icons sets leaves room for a masterful, decorative item. I have even pondered, for a desert feel, what the succulents plus the LEGO® Easter Bunny Basket would look like as a centerpiece. The variations are endless, and with the Easter Bunny Basket, when you get to the design of the outside of the baskets blue and yellow bands, you can easily replace those bricks with a red band, a more neutral color, or really anything you choose! These are the instructions to the LEGO® Easter Bunny Basket build, which can give you a solid building foundation if you choose to build an entirely new basket and combine it with a LEGO® Icons Botanical set.

Commonly Asked FAQs Regarding The LEGO® Flower Basket MOC

Before We Close, I Want To Provide You With Some Closing Additional Info:

What Is The LEGO® Flower Collection Called?

If you have not picked up on it yet, these beautiful sets for home decoration are part of the LEGO® Icons Botanical Collection. These sets are a theme comprised of beautiful flowers and colorful succulents made entirely of LEGO® bricks. There are no minifigures whatsoever in the builds, but they are a stunning, unique collector’s item. For LEGO® investing, these sets will be worth a hefty amount in the long-run.

Is The LEGO® Bouquet Worth It?

Here I have the LEGO® Icons Wildflower Bouquet pictured, and up top is the original LEGO® Icons Flower Bouquet. These are two fun, quick builds and they are masterful creations. The detail is stunning – they look exactly like flowers and have a vibrant color scheme. My own parents made the mistake and had to touch them to make sure they were LEGO®. Yes, if you are up close you know immediately they are LEGO®. But, from across the room? These worthwhile LEGO® sets look like the real deal and require very little maintenance.

How Expensive Are These LEGO® Botanical Sets?

For your MOC, LEGO® Flower Basket build you should budget around $90 total, including shipping and handling. Anything from the LEGO® Icons botanical collection can be $40-$60 USD and the LEGO® Easter Bunny Basket runs anywhere from $25-$30 USD (if you decide to not build your own LEGO® flower basket). Realistically, this is not an awful price point for a LEGO® set that can sit for many years in the center of your dining room table. I would jump on this sooner rather than later! When the botanical collection retires, everything will skyrocket in price.

Build Out The End Of Summer With A MOC LEGO® Flower Basket

Celebrate the changing of seasons, your love to build, and an awesome LEGO® flower moc with this LEGO® Flower Basket build idea. It is simple, fun, has tons of options, and will make a wicked cool piece to show to friends.