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Awesome LEGO® Gifts For Dad

 Certain LEGO® sets can make an awesome Father’s Day gift or birthday gift for your Dad. I find that certain NASA and space-themed LEGO® sets present an awesome opportunity for a timeless present for the man who raised you!

This authentic replica of the beautiful, chic LEGO® 1960s Ford Mustang offers a perfect, nostolgic build for your father. This awesomely detailed set comes with special elements including rims, logo tiles, and a scaled-down V8 engine. With removable features, this can feel like the real thing!

This is a real, spinning Earth globe from LEGO® set 21332. The technic pieces combined with the traditional bricks gives this set articulation and a classical, detailed LEGO® globe-effigy. It also includes ship and compass mini-icons which can be attached to this awesome desk or table display. This was a great gift I gave to. myfather, and a truly timeless build. With 2,585 pieces, it will take some time for Dad to complete it!

Let your Dad nerd-out as a fan of the Mandalorian saga. This is Din Djarin’s ship, or “Mando’s” Razorcrest that he used in the first two seasons to travel around the galaxy. Considering this is the ship he no longer flies, this LEGO® Star Wars 75292 Razorcrest is not just a great build, but a collector’s item as well! It has 1,023 pieces to ensure your old man is digging this Star Wars LEGO® set for his birthday or for Father’s Day. Get yours here:

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