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A few filters later, and you can find a pretty rare minifig on the Ecommerce giant…

The Silver Centurion is Iron Man’s Mark 33 armor and this LEGO┬« masterpiece encapsulates all its grandeur. Yeah, I’ve been on a kick lately reviewing Marvel Minifigures because I really wish Star Wars LEGO┬« minifigures would take note.

Do you remember when Clone Trooper minifigs had pauldrons and kamas made out of ABS plastic? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

LEGO® Marvel minifigures continue to delight with exceptional builds and details, which adds multidimensional feels to such small minifigs. For example, the Silver Centurion pictured here. That chestpiece comes with a small, smooth plate for phenomenal arc reactor core.

The LEGO® Silver Centurion Was A Pre-Order Grab

It came out in 2016 as a pre-order bonus to LEGO┬« Marvel’s Avengers video game. Due to its exclusivity, it carries a hefty $109.99 price tag on Amazon. However, this fig stuns with 12 total pieces, making it an upper-tier figure for seasoned collectors. This is 100% a Baumlinks buy!

What Was Iron Man’s Mark 33 Armor?

The Mark XXXIII (33) armor, dubbed “Silver Centurion,” is a marvel of Tony Stark’s engineering, devised as part of the Iron Legion after the pivotal Battle of New York. Showcased in “Iron Man 3,” it features during the climactic “House Party Protocol.” Beyond its silver screen glory, the suit is steeped in comic lore, originating from the “Armor Wars” narrative. It’s an Enhanced Energy Suit, equipped with a unique protective force field that manipulates magnetic polarity, a testament to Stark’s cutting-edge technological prowess. The suit’s offensive capability is augmented by pulse cannons that intensify over distance, illustrating Stark’s foresight in versatility and adaptability in combat. The Silver Centurion also plays a pivotal role in comic plots, influencing major characters and story arcs, such as convincing Pepper Potts of Stark’s duplicity in “Superior Iron Man #8,” showcasing its narrative significance alongside its combative functions. This suit remains a relic of Stark’s legacy, both as a cinematic icon and a critical comic book element.