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These Keychains Are Affordable, And A Sweet Trinket To Add A Jingle To Your Keys

LEGO® keychains are one of my favorite tokens of LEGO® collecting and ingenuity. Any of these pictures below will take you safe and securely to Amazon to purchase these keychains, if you like one of them!

LEGO® 853666 Shark Suit Guy Key Chain

Everyone loves a a guy in his shark suit. This minifigure reminiscent of the CMF, collectible LEGO® minifigures line, is an adorable addition to your keys. If you love sharks, you will love this little guy! This little LEGO® keychain has stayed firmly at $13.25 USD on Amazon if you are a prime member.

LEGO® 853950 Spider-Man Keychain

This is a classic example of a wonderful Spider-Man keychain in his classic, vibrant red/blue coloring. For a Marvel comic fan, or someone who enjoys the web-slinger, this keychain is an affordable $13.99 USD on Amazon.

Are LEGO® Keychains Made Of Real Minifigures?

Yes, they are! All LEGO® merchandise keychains are equipped with genuine LEGO® minifigures, pieces, bricks, or even a bionicle mask (depends on the theme and era). While the chain would make it difficult for actual display or MOC builds, these genuine keychain pieces are usually built for a specific launch. I always try to grab and collect a few each year.

LEGO® Star Wars: Stormtrooper Key Chain 853946 (From 2019)

This classic Stormtrooper is right from the LEGO® Star Wars theme and is the perfect token for the Star Wars fan. This design comes from the 2019 line of Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, this Imperial hallmark is missing his blaster – no matter, not much he could hit with it anyway! It is only $11.99, so definitely a nice, small gift for a friend.

Marvel LEGO® Spider-Man Venom Keychain 854006 (2020)

Venom is almost as iconic as Spider-Man himself. This sinister symbiote villain lacks the tentacles of other Marvel Venom minifigure builds. However, this means it lasts a bit longer on your keychain. I have this one myself! It is now on Amazon for a great low price of $8.00 USD (roughly).

LEGO® Superman Key Chain 853952

A fully decked-out Superman is always welcomed on the jingle of your car keys. I love the blue, red, and yellow design, the solid red cape, the cheeky grin, and iconic Clark Kent hairstyle. For DC Superman fans, this keychain is a great gift. It has hovered at $11.00 USD for quite some time. Might as well add it to your key ring!

LEGO® 854186 Ahsoka Tano Keychain

Get a bunch of these just in time for the release of the Ahsoka series on August 23rd, 2023. Ahsoka LEGO® and LEGO® sets will see a big bump – along with any merchandise, like the keychain featured here. It is only $15.99 USD on Amazon now, but I presume these will be swept clean off the shelves and resold at a higher price-point soon.

LEGO® Monster Fighters Zombie Keychain With Light

You can’t have a lineup of LEGO® keychains without having a spooky one in the lineup. The decoration and printing of this Zombie minifig is one of my favorites. Also, for any horror fans, they would adore this little, grey Zombie on their keychain. It comes with a little flashlight, so there is genuine utility in having it. Lastly, it has stayed at roughly $14.99 USD on Amazon – I would grab two!

Finishing My Comprehensive List: LEGO® 850807 Golden Minifigure Keychain

I mean, its a LEGO® minifigure with a golden shine and an awesome blank mold. Not much more to be said other than this has a golden ticket to your keychain ring! Due to its marvelous shine but generic molding, it has stayed at roughly $11.00 USD on Amazon. I have a handful of these. Maybe one day, they will be worth their weight in Gold!

Can I Reverse The LEGO® Minifigure Keychain Into A Minifigure?

The LEGO® keychain is partly glued together. The legs and torso are glued together for LEGO® keychains. Also, it is important to note that the hairpiece, head, and neck usually have a metal pin through the whole way, to keep the integrity of the keychain intact. Turning your keychain back into a minifigure is doable, but not recommended. Most of the time, keychain minifigures do not come with their accessories like they might have in their corresponding set.

Are LEGO® Keychains Glued Together?

They can be! LEGO® uses specialty adhesive for their keychains. You can use LeGlue, which is a friendly alternative. However, it is not as durable. Do not use cyanoacrylate-based glues on LEGO® products. this means do not use the following: Gorilla Glue, Super Glue, or J-B Weld products on minifigures or LEGO® bricks.

Can I Make My Own Keychain?

You certainly can! If you don’t mind making a small hole in a LEGO® minfigure of yours, using a hot glue gun, and then inserting a keychain with screw attachment, you can certainly DIY this next project for friends and family.

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