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Discover The Big Fig And The True, Unique Minifigure

When it comes to investing in LEGO® figures, especially from the DC Comics universe, one cannot overlook the alluring yet menacing Killer Croc. With his reptilian strength and ferocity, Killer Croc is a character that has always caught the attention of fans and collectors alike. This blog will delve into the specifics of two very special Killer Croc figures: the sh280 Big Figure and the bat008 minifigure.

The Big Fig: A Larger-Than-Life Investment

Introduced in 2016 as part of the 76055 Batman Killer Croc Sewer Smash set, the sh280 Big Figure Killer Croc with sand blue pants is a standout collectible. The Big Fig is an exclusive that perfectly captures Killer Croc’s sheer size and ferocity, from his textured, scaled skin to his menacing grin. As of now, this Big Fig is estimated to be valued around $30-$60 USD with the value steadily appreciating.

The Original Minifig: A Bite-Size Investment With Big Returns

Flash back to 2006, and we meet the bat008 Killer Croc minifigure, exclusive to the 7780 The Batboat Hunt for Killer Croc set. The first of its kind, this minifig may not have the size of its Big Fig counterpart but carries its weight in nostalgic and intrinsic value. Currently, this minifig runs anywhere from $40-$80 USD and is definitely a wicked cool minifig.

The Power of Killer Croc

Killer Croc is not just another villain in Batman’s rogues’ gallery. He possesses immense strength, a durable, scaly hide that’s resistant to damage, and a keen predatory instinct—features that are captured beautifully in both the Big Fig and the minifig versions. His powers make him an interesting character for imaginative play but also signify why he is such a memorable character for collectors to invest in.

The Investment Angle: Big Fig or Minifig?

So which should you invest in? The Big Fig offers a robust annual growth and a captivating visual appeal, while the original minifigure provides a nostalgic value and a more moderate yet steady appreciation. Both represent Killer Croc’s iconic powers in different yet remarkable ways. Whether you opt for the sh280 Big Fig or the bat008 minifigure, both serve as excellent additions to any LEGO® DC collection and solid investments. With their respective growth rates and unique features, these figures promise not just to enhance your collection but to also grow in value, making them essential investments for the discerning collector.