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Not As Tall As The Real Thing, But The Black Gate Is A Collector’s Item

The LEGO® Lord of The Rings Battle at The Black Gate 79007 set offers a uniquely immersive experience that brings the excitement of Middle Earth directly to your home. This set stands out with its intricate spiked detailing, resembling the foreboding design of the Black Gate of Mordor.

The Menacing Black Gates: A Highlight But Not As High As You Hoped

The set is simply engineered with doors that not only open but can also be securely locked, adding an extra layer of interaction and playability. It also features a secret entrance, enhancing the mystery and adventure inherent in the story. Not to mention, there is a fully functional catapult, perfect for recreating intense battle scenes right from the LOTR narrative.

Designed To Be Linked With Other LEGO® Lord Of The Rings Sets

What’s more, this LEGO® set is designed to be combinable with other sets. This feature allows for larger and more intricate battle scenes, adding a layer of depth and complexity that enhances the overall playing experience. It provides limitless opportunities for creative play and storytelling, pushing the boundaries of imagination.

The Massive Black Gate Set’s Catapult

Be on guard for the flying rocks propelled by the functional catapult, and employ stealthy tactics to infiltrate Mordor through the secret entrance. This further enhances the sense of adventure, encouraging strategic thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

What Are The Dimensions Of The LEGO® LOTR Black Gate Set?

The LEGO® Black Gate of Mordor itself, when closed, stands impressively at over 8″ (22cm) high and 11″ (30cm) wide, with a depth of 2″ (7cm). This substantial size adds a sense of realism and grandeur to the game, creating a more immersive play experience. In addition, the Great Eagle included in the set boasts an impressive wingspan of over 7″ (19cm), further emphasizing the scale and detail that has gone into designing this set.

Should You Get The Black Gate LEGO® Set?

The LEGO® LOTR Battle at The Black Gate 79007 is a richly detailed and interactive toy interlocking building set that faithfully recreates the thrilling world of Lord of The Rings. With its detailed design, functional features, and range of accessories, it offers an engaging and immersive play experience that both LOTR fans and LEGO® enthusiasts will appreciate.