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There Are A Small Assortment Of LEGO® Lord of The Rings Keychains

First and foremost, these keychains are not cheap by any means. Not only is LOTR LEGO® an exclusive line that is there-and-back again more than Bilbo Baggins, but these are rare keychains that are entirely discontinued. Plus, Lord of The Rings LEGO® is some of the most expensive ever made. A keychain from this theme is no different!

My Personal Favorite: LOTR LEGO® Keychain Mordor Orc

This is the Mordor Orc LOR023 from Set 9476 The Orc Forge but with a keychain attached to its head. It is quite expensive, and goes for around $20.00-$30.00 USD new. But, look at those piercing orange eyes and pointy fangs? The printing is for a face only a mother could love!

LEGO® Lord of The Rings Frodo Baggins Keychain

This is also a lovely minifig of Frodo Baggins in his iconic green shirt from The Fellowship of The Ring. It is minifig LOR002 from set 9469 Gandalf Arrives. It is actually $18.00 USD-ish off Amazon. However, you can procure a used fig from $5.00 to $9.00 USD and make your own LEGO® keychain for much cheaper!

Wonderful LOTR LEGO® Trinkets

A LEGO® LOTR keychain offers more than just a trinket to add to your collection; it serves as a physical manifestation of a rich tapestry of storytelling and creativity. The world of Middle-earth is filled with complex characters, epic quests, and timeless lessons about heroism, friendship, and sacrifice. Having a LEGO® Lord of The Rings keychain based off the stellar LOTR LEGO® minifigs dangling from your keys or backpack allows you to carry a small piece of this expansive universe with you wherever you go.