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These LEGO® Minifigures Are High In Calcium And Spookiness (Extra Bones)

Support Mr. Skeltal And Buy Spooky Figs Off My Links (please)

Who is Mr. Skeltal? He spooks in the middle of the night giving fright and high calcium deposits to all during the 2Spooky season. These lil’ skeleton minfigures will help you build Mr. Skeltal’s orchestra so you can doot up for Halloween. If you are looking for the best way to relive memery for Halloween, this blog can hook you up with creating an iconic character in brick form.

For only $18.99 you can doot doot all your LEGO®…

How To Thank And Make Mr. Skeltal Out Of LEGO®

Really easy here, buy some LEGO® skeletons off Amazon, and attach some LEGO® instruments to them. This will ensure quality music output and a high calcium-fortified band. You can’t go wrong.

If you buy these minifigures and make the band go viral and extra-spooky, please email or let me know. Much calcium. Many thanks.