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New To The Scene And With An Awesome Mech

LEGO® is kicking off the end of Summer run with some exceptional pieces. Whether its a mech from Star Wars (this Sonic set has an incredible mech for Dr. Eggman) or a new Star Wars battle pack, the toy creating company wants to ensure you are stacked for the back-to-school rush.

Let’s Dash Into The Sonic Set 76993

This set comes with six Sonic-related figurines. Four of them are small animals that Sonic is rescuing from Dr. Eggman’s experiments. The experimental rigs are awesomely detailed and make you feel the same sense of urgency Sonic needs to have to rescue his furry friends!

What Are The Coolest Minifigures In LEGO® Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg Robot 76993?

The Sonic minifigure and The Dr. Eggman minifigure are not your typical minifigures. They have slightly different sizing and appearance, sporting slightly longer legs for a LEGO® Big Fig feel. I would definitely recommend this set as a certified Baumlinks buy!

Lastly, Let’s Talk About The Dr. Eggman Mech In The Set

LEGO® has been on a roll with a theme, sub-theme structure they have been running throughout all their sets. They have been consistently adding mechs to existing franchises or themes wherever possible.

This mech stands roughly 6 inches high and 5 inches wide. It has an awesome, gatling-gun-esque arm situation and is reminiscent of the bosses you saw in the videogames. Dr. Eggman can sit in the cockpit poised to fight Sonic. Or, you can shoot Sonic at the mech with Sonic’s speed sphere (huge bonus for this set). It is a simple, fun build, and has so many features. Definitely get this in your collection!