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LEGO Star Wars represents a timeless franchise in a galaxy far, far away. Holding onto these sets for a galactic lifetime equates to a shipload of credits! These intergalactic building sets have been soaring in popularity and value, making them a smart investment for any collector or Star Wars fan.

The Limited-Edition Factor For Collectors

LEGO Star Wars sets are only available for a short time, usually this is about a two years – and depending on show releases, and new characters developing, sometimes they can be re-released! These make them highly desirable for collectors. This limited availability, combined with the continued popularity of the Star Wars franchise, can lead to a significant increase in set value over time. In fact, many of these sets have been known to increase in value by 9-11% each year.

Let’s take the figure below:

The Green Scout Clone Trooper from 2014 is a rather unique minifigure from LEGO that sits at roughly $14. In pristine condition, it can go upwards of $20!

What I enjoy most about LEGO collecting is the sheer durability of the bricks. LEGO is made, in general, with a very specific plastic that keeps these pieces lasting long; like a lifetime! So, even if you pop them open, build the set, and play with them – wait a while! Soon they will still give you a return on your initial investment. These little plastic bricks can withstand all sorts of rough play and accidental drops, ensuring that your investment will be protected for years to come.

And the best part? These sets have a wide appeal, making them a hit with all ages. Fans of the Star Wars franchise and LEGO enthusiasts of all ages can’t get enough of these sets, creating a large and active market for them. This broad appeal means that the demand for these sets is always high, keeping their value on the rise.

LEGO Star Wars sets are a blast to collect and a smart investment opportunity. They’re limited-edition, durable, and have wide appeal, all of which can lead to a significant increase in value over time. So, whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or just love building with LEGO, consider adding a few of these sets to your collection. Who knows, you might just strike gold with your investment!