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LEGO® Star Wars Anakins & Sebulbas Podracers 7962 – 2011

When it comes to LEGO® Star Wars, few sets are as iconic and beloved as Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers set (7962) from 2011. This classic set, featuring a unique blend of Star Wars lore and LEGO® creativity, was designed for experienced builders and die-hard fans.

A Podracer LEGO® Set Beyond Its Time

The LEGO® Star Wars Podracers set 7962 is a treat to both Star Wars enthusiasts and LEGO® aficionados. It comprises a staggering 810 pieces, a testament to its detailed and complex design for a set appearing so early in LEGO® Star Wars releases. Assembling this set, with its intricate configurations, serves as a fantastic educational tool for team-building skills. The builder must coordinate and manage the numerous parts, a process that enhances understanding of planning, communication, and cooperation, all essential aspects of team building.

What Are The Dimensions Of The LEGO® Star Wars Anakin Podracer 7962?

The dimensions of this LEGO® Star Wars set are 18.9 x 2.8 x 14.88 inches, and it weighs around 1136 grams. Despite its weight, the final models of Anakin’s and Sebulba’s Podracers are robust and well-structured, perfectly capturing the sleek, aerodynamic designs seen in the Star Wars universe.

The set’s theme is directly lifted from Star Wars, and the cartoon characters from the series are faithfully recreated, adding a layer of authenticity that fans will undoubtedly appreciate. Building this set is akin to stepping into the Star Wars universe, where the thrill of pod racing comes alive in your hands.

LEGO® Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer 20th Anniversary Edition 75258 Building Kit

Fast-forward to 2019, LEGO® celebrated the 20th anniversary of Star Wars sets with a special edition – Anakin’s Podracer (75258). This set is a modern take on the iconic Podracer, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and new features that both old fans and new ones will love.

What LEGO® Minifigures Are In The 20th Anniversary Edition of Anakin’s Podracer?

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Anakin’s Podracer comes with an impressive array of minifigures. Included in the set are five characters: Bail Organa, Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, C-3PO, and a Rebel Fleet Trooper. It also features an R2-D2 droid LEGO® figure. Additionally, it includes three Star Wars figures: a young Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, and a special 20th-anniversary Luke Skywalker.

Despite having fewer pieces than the 2011 set, with 279 components, the 20th Anniversary Podracer still offers a satisfying and engaging build. It’s designed to appeal to a wide range of builders, targeting boys and girls aged eight and above. This versatile appeal extends to Star Wars fans and big kids alike, providing endless creative play with its vast array of original LEGO® building bricks.

What Are The Dimensions Of The 20th Anniversary Edition of Anakin’s Podracer?

The completed Anakin’s Podracer model measures over 3-inch (10cm) high, 13-inch (35cm) long, and 4-inch (12cm) wide. This construction toy includes some exciting features like big engines, extending flaps, an open minifigure cockpit, and a convenient play handle. These enhancements make this podracer perfect for exciting Star Wars races through Tatooine, or even for a thrilling adventure in your living room.

You Have To Get These LEGO® Podracers In Your Collection

Both these sets represent the evolution of LEGO® Star Wars over the years. While the 2011 Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers set offers a complex and detailed building experience, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Anakin’s Podracer serves