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A Unique LEGO Mech-Minifigure Combo Product That is A Baumlinks Buy!

We are talking a classic, affordable set at $15.99. The LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Mech 75369 is ready for purchase on Amazon. While the mech suit is awesome and looks like what would happen if Boba Fett became a Gundam pilot, the detail on the minifigure is what makes this set a buy. The LEGO® Boba Fett minifigure has great printings on it, beautiful coloring, and will be unique when this set retires.

Is It Worth It And How Many Boba Fett Mechs Should I Get?

At a low price with new additions made to the minifigure, this set presents itself as an exceptional investment opportunity. The proportions are also well-balanced and even with such a design seems…practical for Boba Fett. At 155 pieces, this is a half-hour build. Honestly, I might buy a bunch of these and make a LEGO® Mandalorian mech army! The Thanos mech set already jumped 50% in price post-retirement…these are a great investment. Easy to store, even easier to sell, and a blast to build!